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what's up guys V Anya and today I'm

going to teach you a cool magic trick

with a pair of dice it's a super super

cool thing I think you're gonna love it

have a look at this performance that I

just did alright just to show you this

dice does roll a different number every

time that's a five that's a two that's a

six so here's how the game works

they roll the dice obviously I don't

have a spectator with me and you'd have

them roll the dice and whichever number

it lands on that is the envelope that

they get an inside there is something so

check it out the first person rolls they

roll the number five so you take the

number five and you rip it open and you

show them that there's nothing inside of

the envelope

the second spectator rolls the dice and

they roll the number one so you take the