Part 1 - How to make a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Character (Rolling Stats, Race & Class)

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creating a D&D character can be one of

the most fun parts of the hobby you get

to let your imagination run wild and

create this persona that you're going to

be playing and slaying dragons with and

rescuing knights and all sorts of good

stuff but it can also be pretty

confusing there's a lot of rules there's

a lot of terms that you might not

understand especially if you're a new

player or a new Dungeon Master I mean

what your ability score modifiers how do

you work them out what a proficiency is

how the backgrounds play into it what

you know what's a class feature all of

these kind of things can lead people to

worry about making that first character

and one of the most requested things

I've had both on social media and here

in the channel comments as well is can

you do a video on how to create a