How I cheat at dice

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so I decided to start putting this video

up on you know Facebook this is Mike by

the way so I can show people you know

one of my many talents very simple stuff

or let me show you had it Monica Shawn's

gonna let you watch me do it but she had

dice these runners were you hear they're

very simple dice nothing too extravagant

about them they're very you know I

actually have plucked them out of a out

of McDonald's box I'm sorry not

McDonald's I mean monopoly I plucked him

out of a monopoly box very simple stuff

it's very easy to cheat at dice like for

example nerve wool for you a seven and I

can call it I can call anything before I

you know actually roll the thing

so don't play board games thing but hey

we're gonna play seven and eight there

you go I got my seven and as you can see