Rollover 403b to IRA - Roll Over 403b to IRA

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he has a go number one my name is derek

ifasi I'm the owner of a Fosse Financial

Group and today's topic I want to

discuss with you rolling over your 403b

account into an IRA account now

individuals are watching this video most

likely familiarized with a 403 B and

understand that it's very similar to a

401 K essentially an individual with the

403 B account is placing money into a

sort of retirement bucket deemed as a

retirement account known as a 403 B

account the amount of money that they're

placing into that bucket and however

well the mutual funds that we are within

that account perform determines how

large or how small that bucket is at the

end of the year at the end of the day so

individuals that are now gearing up for

retirement or individuals that left

their employers and they have these old