How to rollover a 401k retirement plan to IRA.

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ok today we're talking about the 401k

rollover process how does it all work

and do you need a guy or can you do it

yourself ok so here's the deal you maybe

have left your job or where you've

started a new job and you're going what

can I do with this 401k well you have a

lot of choices actually you've got about

4 really good not good you have 4

choices I won't say they're all good and

we just did a video on what those four

choices are you can cash them out you

can roll it over to a new 401k you could

do nothing you can leave it at your old

employer and just let it sit there or

you can roll it over to an IRA the first

three if you want to know more about

that go take a look at our YouTube

channel under the playlist 401k

investing we just did a great video

where we describe each step what the