Beginner tips for loading film. Avoid blank rolls!

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hey guys this is Hashim from pushy film

today I'm gonna do a quick video about a

subject that I've been wanting to talk

about for a while and that's just some

tips on how to load a thirty five mil

film camera like this one so the reason

I want to do this video is as some of

you might know I work at a big film

processing lab here in Melbourne and one

thing that I see at least once a day and

probably way too often is that a lot of

people come in to pick up a roll of film

they've dropped off and they get a blank

roll back what that means is we've

developed the film and only the the

leader is exposed and the rest of us

just blank there's no shots on there so

even though this has never happened to

me I can only imagine how must how much

it must suck to you know to get a blank