It Luggage Carry Tow Instructions ~

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hi I'm Colleen Lannon to travel mama and

I'm going to tell you about the it

luggage carry tow system this happens to

be the Nova Scotia line right here in

the dark red that I love it's really

easy to spot when you are at the airport

and the best thing about this do you see

how cool this is I've got three

suitcases here they're all connected how

cool would this be you want to bring a

lot you want to bring a lot of bags

because you're gonna do a lot of

shopping wherever you go or you're

traveling with the kids by yourself or

you got a baby and a toddler another kid

just think about how much that would be

to tow through the whole airport this

makes life so easy let me show you how

it works so basically it just has these

little buckles right here and now you're

separate so you can have just one when