How To Make A Big Rizla: Rip And Stick Method

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go team this is going to be a tutorial

on how to make a large skin pigskin Oh

see Big O 3 small skins


it's a nice beam the bugger not me right

so you've got three smalls and you want

to make a big R is law this law is law

Toki twistlock okay what do you do you

should get your fur the skin okay and

you can even use scissors I don't have

any so I'm just gonna rip it okay and

you see you know the sticky bit you all

thought okay you're gonna rip off all

right and it's not hard to rip it some

people need don't be a [ __ ] about yay

wide and you just keep risking it okay

it's not too much keep ripping down that

sticky try not so many spare paper on

the side and just keep ripping away okay

now you've got your strip off go me now

with your strip of gummy you're gonna