Nice! MONEY ROLL AGAIN!! 2 Days In A Row!!!

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hey friends johnny has got the lotto

scratchin and we are scratching a 1904

patch I'm Moochi he's invading a $90

back Joe California scratch tickets we

have ourselves a ten dollar monopoly a

twenty dollar five million dollar mega

cash thirty dollar bonus play millions

and a thirty dollar ten million dollar

Dazzler and then before we get a

scratchin nice I can pick this up

carefully our coin at the moment

this isn't there you go 1835 that's 184

years old 18 34 35 capped bust half and

the cat bus quarter forgive me there's a

whole series of these coins so there are

several denominations with that that's

why I say that anyway it's a cat bus

quarter the cap is the cap on Lady

Liberty there and the bust is the bust

of her and as in her pose there's the

back with the Eagle you can see that