How To Roll a D3 (Three sided die)

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a lot of games call for rolling at d3

but your standard set of polyhedral

doesn't come with one of these so if

you're new to gaming it can be confusing

when the game calls for this role over

the years dice manufacturers have tried

to solve this problem by developing an

actual d3 it kind of looks like a jelly

bean that got squished in your pocket

run through the laundry the problem with

this for people who take dice rolls way

too seriously and you're a tabletop

gamer so I know this includes you we

don't like rolling dice that aren't

regular polyhedral x' we also use terms

like regular polyhedral the solution is

simple take a d6 cut it in half well not

literally but the problem of the game

table comes in when people disagree on

the best way to assign one two or three

to the results on the d6 some people