How to EASILY Load a Roll of 120 Film for Developing in a Paterson Tank.

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hey guys okay so what I'm gonna do here

I'm gonna go over how to load a roll of

120 film which is what I've got in my

hand here

it's called roll film it's considered

medium format it can be taken in by

different cameras and like a 6 by 9 6 by

I think 14 like for a panoramic camera 6

by 7 6 by 6 which is obviously a square

and 6 by 4 point 5 which is commonly

referred to as 645 that's the ones that

I'm aware of anyway it's a as you can

see it's a good size roll film this

particular roll kind of got messed up

because the I dropped my beloved camera

follow my voice land or betsa to like

kind of but I did more than drop it okay

it flew off of the trunk of my car I put

it on the trunk forgot it was there I

was getting my my bicycle off the off of