How To Roll Up an Extension Cord!! CORRECTLY!!!

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what's up guys I want to talk about how to roll up an extension cord one of my

biggest pet peeves is when people roll my extension cords and what I see a lot

okay there's people doing this all right so roll up extension cord like this is

fine if you have one or if you have a whole bunch of hooks for every single

one of your extension cords what you have at the end when you're all done

okay one now I'm dirty okay my clothes or whatever and then two I have to put

this big thing on a hook and you can only put it on one hook and then at the

end of the day you're trying to get everything out and you're doing this and

then when you're trying to unroll it you have you know 100 frickin little rolls

in order to get it out or you can try to throw it but then you get it wind up

with a tangled mess another thing I see people doing which just bothers me to no

end is when they do this little gimmicky thing all right

and I think it's so cool that at the end of it you can sit there grab it and

everything pulls out now I only did a little bit imagine an entire cord this

big how are you suppose to store this alright I mean it's just it's ridiculous and it's

annoying alright now the proper way to roll up a

cord is to let it hang straight ahead like this okay you get six foot length

or somewhat six foot lengths it's very it's much faster than rolling around

your arm much cleaner and the trick it's at the end see this is this right

here wound up from the me rolling around my arm so if you're always winding up

with all these curves and stuff like that you're doing it yourself by rolling