How I Roll Coal In My 6.0 POWERSTROKE

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hey man what kind of chip you're running

on you're sick so jalapeno

what's going on guys welcome to the

channel for today's video we're just

going to talk about tuning 6o tuning go

through the pros and cons of tuning your

truck a few different tunes that I've

ran what I think about them and stuff

like that so so let's start out with

just the other positives to tuning your

truck first off obviously adds a lot of

power the after I first drove the truck

with the tune after driving a stock for

a few weeks

completely blew me away just it's a day

and night difference completely wakes up

the truck

I actually just threw on I was I didn't

wait for my custom tune I just threw on

one of the can tunes and I just ran that

for like a day but even that it just