How To Sand & Refinish Hardwood Floors

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I'm Shannon from house improvements calm

and in my video today I want to show you

how I sound and refinish hardwood

flooring so for the bulk of the floor

we're gonna use a large pad sander like

this there are other options out there

drum Sanders those sorts of things so

depending on the severity of the

condition of your floor you may have to

go to a drum sander my case this pad

sander is gonna do the job basically to

start out you want to get as much out of

the room as you can put up some

barricades or whatever to control the

dust because you're gonna have some dust

some of these Sanders will have a bag or

a vacuum attachment this one doesn't so

but it's always a good idea to put up

some dust screens anyways so so I did

all that we basically have everything

out of the room i've i've actually