Restoring A Septic Drain Field: First Steps (Least Vs. Most Expensive)

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hey everyone welcome back to the

homestead today we're gonna talk about a

common topic otto homestead and that's a

septic system and what to do if you have

problems with yours


so a really common problem when you've

got a septic field whether it's aerobic

or anaerobic is the build-up of what's

called biomass biomat is a specific

slimy bacteria that builds up in your

drain field and eventually it will not

let any more affluent run out and

percolate through your gravel in your

drain field now that's a problem because

then it starts to back up into your

tanks and then eventually into your

house now I'm standing right here we've

got a two tank system this is an

anaerobic system which the bacteria I

don't need an aerator the bacteria don't