How to Restore Photos from iCloud & Recover Deleted Photos

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Hello, welcome to Tenorshare Channel. Have you deleted your photos  

by mistake and wanted to restore? In most cases, you can recover the deleted photos,  

unless you have backed up your iPhone through  iTunes or iCloud before deleting photos. 

For sure, you can restore your iPhone  through iTunes get recover your photos, 

but restore from iTunes also means it will rewrite  all the back up on your iPhone, besides photos. 

So you may lose some newest data  if you restore through iTunes.  

But there’s still some easy  way that can help you out. 

If you also have an iCloud back  up, things will get easier. 

You can find your deleted photos on  iCloud album, but make sure your back  

up was done before you deleted your photos. You can go to settings to check it. If the backup  

last succeeded before deleting, then you can go to, then enter your Apple ID and password. 

After sign in, click photos.  

If nothing unexpected, you can  find the photo you just deleted. 

Click download and it will save to your computer. That means you recover your photos successfully. 

If you don’t have an iCloud backup. You can try a third-party tool,  

which is called UltData. 

I’ll leave the link in description  below and you can download it. 

Launch the software and choose  Recover Data from iTunes backup. 

And you’ll see the backup of your iPhone,  choose the backup before you deleted photos,  

and click next. Here we can just  select photos, then start to scan. 

And yes, you can find the deleted photo here.