How to backup and restore mysql database using mysqldump

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hi everyone this will be a short

tutorial on how to backup my SQL

database we will be doing it in Linux

terminal and to backup database we need

my skill dump command type in my skill

down press enter and you will see common

usage of this command first let's back

up a single database by typing my skill

down space and now we need to supply an

option list such as username hostname

port and so on and so forth so let's

start with username type in - you space

username - H host name - B to enter the

password and the last thing is database

name let's say DB 1 then greater than

sign which means a redirect all output

into a file and let's say the file name

is DB 1 dot SQL press enter enter the

password and now we've created backup of

a single database let's check it by

getting listing I'll ask - L H file name