How to recover Messages from iCloud on iPhone - No Computer

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hello everyone I met here and today I

will be solving a problem where iCloud

won't restore your messages even when

messages are enabled in iCloud first of

all please subscribe to my channel if

you haven't subscribed yet it will help

a lot

so last night I downgraded my mobile

phone newly released iOS 13.2 to I us

thirteen point one point three because I

us 13 point to add some multitasking and

then management issues because of it it

didn't work well for me so I decided to

upgrade but when I downgraded my device

what I found out was that all of my

messages were gone but then I went to

iCloud and I found out that my messages

are in there if I click on many storage

I can clearly see that the messages are

there as you all can see 62 points 3 MB

it means all four messages are there so