Faded Leather Couch EASY REPAIR

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this kind of thing happens to leather

couches all the time so I'm gonna fix it

we're gonna go through and we're gonna

respray the dye on top do you have the

aniline dyed thing underneath and then

this is just a spray dye on top you're

gonna want to go to the links below if

you're gonna do this you're gonna want

to order three colors that you think are

the closest to your leather couch and

the reason you want to order three

different colors is because they're

gonna kind of mix and match because

there's not all dyed one color as you

can see this is the base coat and

there's probably two other colors in

here so just order the three colors you

think are the closest I'll put a link to

the website as well so that you can

print out a color sheet if you're this

is gonna look really good once I'm done