How to Erase and Factory Reset your iPad!

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with rumors pointing to a fresh line-up

of iPads in the coming months you may be

thinking about selling your current iPad

and upgrading to a new one when selling

are giving away your iPad you need to

make sure to protect your data and leave

a clean slate for the next owner we'll

take you through all the steps you need

to take to ensure your iPad is safely

wiped before passing it on to its next

owner if you're locked out of your iPad

click the card above to learn how to

unlock it

otherwise the first step is to backup

all your data there's two great options

to do so the first being iCloud backup

in a second being iTunes if you've

already backed up all of your data you

can skip ahead to this section of the

video to backup your iPad to iCloud head

to settings tap on your name and tap on