The #1 Master Tip to Help Restoring a Normal Gut Flora

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Hey, I get it, you are inundated with information, marketing, and advertisements about which

probiotic is the best for you.

If you struggle with keeping up with that information, if you're confused about how

to best improve the normal, healthy gut bacteria, then you need to watch this video to its completion.

My name is Dr. Ryan Shelton.

The reason I value this information is, it cuts across the board.

Not only are these suggestions helpful for your digestion, but they can help significantly

with immune health, they can help with mood, anxiety and depression, they can help with

digestion, they can help with your whole body health and wellness.

So pay attention to this suggestion on how to best improve your normal, healthy gut bacteria.

Now, of course we need to do things like, avoid things which kill the healthy bacteria,

avoiding things like antibiotics, or at least limiting them unless they're absolutely necessary.

But, this tip is about eating fermented foods.

Fermented foods come from culture, to culture, to culture, to culture, to culture, and they're

different because each culture has their own type of fermented foods.

I'm going to go through nine of the most important fermented foods, because studies show that,

yes, you can take a probiotic, but eating fermented foods includes many more strains

of probiotics, and they're more likely to stay in the gut and help with digestion, with

mood disorders, with your immune system.

So nine fermented foods I want to go over.

The first one is Kefir.