your hair isn't wavy, it's damaged | how i brought my curls back from the dead (3a/3b)

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I know what you're thinking it is very

very very contradictory of me to be

filming a curly hair care video when I

have straight hair I'm not gonna be here

so it's now or never sorry but I promise

you I know what I'm doing I know what

I'm doing it's been three years I know

what I'm talking about if I'm that being

said if I make any mistakes I'm very

sorry I'm not an expert on this I just

this is what I learned from YouTube and

from searches and books and all this

kind of stuff so I'm gonna be teaching

it to you if you're too lazy to read the

same things that I read I may have

straight hair right now but this is what

I look like with my natural hair anyway

Rosalyn interest might introduce myself

my name is Sarah for those of you who

don't know me for those of you who do

know me you probably know me on