How to restore contacts from iCloud

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If you want to import contacts saved in the iCloud to your iPhone then let us see how

to do it.

If I go to my "Contacts", right now I don't have any number.

And if I want to import it from the iCloud then what I will do is I will go to "Settings".

I will select this "Sign in to your iPhone".

Then I need to enter the apple id.


Then I need to enter the password for the apple id.


Now I am signing into my iCloud account.

Now once I am inside my iCloud account then what I will do is, I will select this iCloud

and then I need to make sure that this contact button is enabled.

Right now it is enabled.

Now again I will go and check my contact.

If I see now I have all the contact in my iPhone and these contacts are imported from

the iCloud account.