How to Restore Deleted Google Contacts

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what happens if you accidentally delete

an important contact on your phone well

you don't have to worry if you back them

up to your Google account as restoring

Google contacts deleted from your phone

or computer is easy if you follow these

simple steps let's say you deleted a

contact you didn't intend to either on

your iPhone or your Android smartphone

well the first thing you need to do is

to log into Google contacts in a web

browser and sign in with your Gmail ID

with which your contacts are synced here

you can see that even upon searching the

deleted contact is not present in the

list so what next well if you're logged

in on a desktop click on the more' tab

on the Left pane and tap on undo changes

similarly if you are logged in on a

mobile browser then swipe on the

hamburger menu on the left and you will