Collagen in Face - How to Rebuild with Morpheus8

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Part of the aging process of our skin is that we lose collagen over time and this

can start in the early 30s and even in the late 20s where every year you lose

more and more collagen. This contributes to texture differences fine lines and

wrinkles and laxity of the skin. So there are many things that we recommend for

improving the loss of collagen and trying to build more collagen in the

skin as we age. There are topical products that we can recommend to help

you build collagen and help prevent you from losing more collagen those are

things such as retin-a products and sunscreen and antioxidants then there

are treatments that we do in the office to help build collagen these are things

such as laser resurfacing, micro needling and now we have Morpheus 8. Morpheus 8 is

radio frequency micro needling somewhat similar to the normal micro needling

that we do such as skin pen it uses a device that has 24 pins or micro needles

to deliver radiofrequency energy at the tip there are several different levels

that we will treat and during one treatment so we might treat at the four

millimeter mark at 3 millimeters 2 millimeters 1 millimeter so we're

treating the entire depth of skin at different levels to give you the

best results. The micro needling portion is nice because it decreases downtime so

we're not treating the entire area of skin with a radiofrequency energy we are

only treating the tips of those 24 little needles. Very similar to

fractionated laser resurfacing such as Fraxel or halo it's the same technology

but just for radiofrequency if you want to learn more about how Morpheus 8