Top 5 Ways to Fix iPhone X 2021

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Hello guys, welcome back to Tenorshare channel.

Happy new year first of all.

Though now is 2021, brand new year, but same trouble for iPhone users.

Recently some iPhone X users found out their devices easily stuck on this connect to computer

sign when they restore or update their devices, which showed

Even when they try to turn off their iPhone, it seemed to get into looping.

So in today’s video, I’ll show you the most comprehensive solutions in 2021 to fix

this issue.

Most of them are totally free.

Let’s dive in!

So first we need to know why your iPhone would get into this issue.

It shows on screen, which is as known as recovery mode.

It happens when people try to restore or update their iPhone.

If it stuck on this screen and cannot turn on, it might related to a software issue when

restoring or updating.

But you can still try on the first method, to force restart your iPhone, sometimes it

may works.

To force restart an iPhone X, you should first press and release the volume up, then press

and release the volume down, and then press and hold the side button until Apple logo


Let’s get started, volume up, volume down, then hold the side button.