How to Unlock Disabled iPhone/iPad/iPod without Passcode (NO DATA LOSS) FIX iPhone is Disabled

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hello friends how are you welcome to iOS

pro hacker so have you forgot your

iPhone basket or your iPhone is disabled

so in this video I have created a full

step two step guide to unlock your

iPhone so let's get started to the

tutorial so before the tutorial let me

tell you that if your iPhone is stuck on

disabled screen so why it happens

actually it happens because of entering

wrong tasker's to our iPhone whenever

you try to unlock your iPhone and enter

wrong pass codes to it five times so

your iPhone will gonna stuck on this

able screen for a limited time so after

that you cannot enter more pass codes to

your iPhone so anyways if you have

forgot your iPhone pass codes or you

have an iPhone which is right now stuck

on this disabled screen so this video is

for you in this whole video I am gonna