How to Properly Reset iPhone to factory default

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hi everyone aaron here for Zollotech and i want to show you how to reset your

iphone to factory default meaning that it will be just like it was

when you took it out of the box for the first time

and so this will help you erase all data from it disassociate it from your

account and make it so the next person that

either purchases it or that you give it to or maybe you're returning it can sign

in without having to sign in to find my friends or any of those accounts

because it won't be locked to your account

so in order to do this properly what you'll need is a couple things you'll

need the device's passcode to unlock it and you'll also need the icloud account

password if you don't have that you won't be able to reset it

so if you need to reset that password go to and then you can reset

your password there now before you erase everything on your phone you want to

make sure that you have a backup if you're going to continue using iphone

so if you're going from an old phone to a new phone i have other videos to show

you how to do that and transfer all of your settings including the same app

layout and all the app data and messages and everything else but if

you want to just have a backup in general

make sure that you're either using itunes on windows itunes on mac on an

older mac or you use the finder click on your device and hit backup now

however if you want to back up using icloud