How To Restore Headlights PERMANENTLY ( Better Than a BRAND NEW Headlight )

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hey how's it going guys today I'm going

to show you how to permanently restore

yellowing headlights fast and easy

yellowing headlights is something very

common in casts and not only do they

look bad but they also have a very poor

light output on the road at night what

happens is this lens on the headlight is

made of polycarbonate plastic and even

though you can't see it

this comes with the UV protective

coating from the factory overtime

decoding wears off and then while you're

driving and leave the car outside in

bright sunlight the UV rays coming from

the Sun is breaking there and the poly

Kevin instruction the lens so the color

of the lens goes from transparent yellow

over time this gets even worse and

starts to look like this headlights look

this bed can be restored like this but