Tips On Restoring Your First Classic Car From a First Time Builder

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here's a video of me wanting to do for a

long time and I want to dedicate to

anybody out there who's considering

building like a classic car an old

Mustang or maybe an old Chevy or a Dodge

or whatever it be from the 60s or the

50s or maybe even some of the early 70s

cars there are some things that I've

discovered along the way that I share

with you especially for you first time

in Bishop's Builders out there first

thing is you know the body is a big deal

you know the sheet metal on your car

that's the stuff that you can actually

save and use so when you get a car

unless you're really ready to put the

money into expensive bodywork you want

to sell a car and you can go out west

and get them if you live in a place like

I do like Wisconsin it's kind of the

Rust Belt and you're thinking to