How To Call Amazon Seller Support in 30 Seconds!!

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contacting Amazon seller support can be

really difficult and today I want to

take 30 seconds that's it and show you

how to get Amazon on the phone so stay


what's up champs welcome it to today's

video my name is Jeff Peterson I'm a

full-time seven-figure Amazon seller and

today I'm literally going to take no

more than 30 seconds and showing you how

to contact seller support so what we're

gonna do is we're gonna dive into my

screen and before I do a quick screen

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go do a quick screen sharing so we're

gonna dive into my phone and as you guys

can see right here in the bottom left

hand corner I have my Amazon seller app

and that's what you need

so I'll just briefly refresh my my cells

as you guys can see I've done over $800

for the day it's just 240 and in the

last 12 months I've done that just under

nine hundred nine hundred and thirty

thousand so that's not not important

what's important is contacting seller

support so what we're gonna do is click

on the three little tabs in the the left

hand corner and it's gonna show home

inventory pricing advertising and if you

go down underneath help it says seller

support you're gonna click on seller

support from there you're going to hit

contact seller support and then you're

going to go to inventory hit the drop

down the drop down tab then other

listing issues and then you'll see an

email option a phone option and a chat

options so if you want to just email

them about your question you can do that

or you can go right to phone enter your

phone number hit call me now and

literally I will have Amazon on the

phone in two seconds so watch okay call

me now and it's connecting and look at

that I'm getting a phone call as we

speak with seller support I'll just hit

decline because I don't really need to

answer but just showing you how easy it

is you need the seller app you do need

the pro a plan which is the $40 a month

if you're paying $40 a month for your

Amazon seller account then you can do

this from your phone and it is super

easy you can also do it from your laptop

but I found it to be a little bit easier

through the seller app and I can get

Amazon on the phone

literally in 30 seconds so I hope you

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