Inside the AMAZON RAINFOREST! - What it's REALLY like in the Jungle (2019)

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I'm exploring with Cody and welcome to

the Amazon jungle



we've made it to the jungle and we're

about to hop on a boat for two hours now

make it all the way to our lives I'll

keep you updated

Cooper's yes oh yeah that's up yes


what's your name drop by it Raphael Jody

nice to meet you this is Michael okay


supplements and then is it about no and

then devote yeah then we go about half

an hour from the front porch but by bus

gonna be one out we've officially made

it to hotter climates

we're in the jungle now remember when it

was a great idea not to pack any shorts

or any summer clothes this trip has been

all over we're gonna freezing women

sweating I have no idea what to pack for

Peru just bring one of everything really

all right so we've just made it now to

the jungle it's been a 40-minute bus

ride from the airport we got here and

we're about to get on these boats we're

loading up all the bags now there's

other groups here with us and so we're

gonna take these boats about probably 30

minutes down the river and it's actually

not as long as I thought but this the

official Amazon River and this is we're

gonna be for the next four days



all right guys you've just made it to

the jungle and it properly feels like we

are deep in the jungle like at any

moment an anaconda can just hang down

from a tree or a trench looking jump at

us luckily we have mosquito repellent

but I do not have anaconda repellent


got a hammer kick it up this is amazing


you just put a net over me welcome sir

shower right here it's a your standard

shower with a plastic arm pretty cool

this is where you use the bathroom it's

our big loft area lots of room for

activities really ten minutes going

through the jungle to this tower it's an

iron made tower close to the top of the

trees so we're gonna see the sunset from

there thank you I'm ready for the jungle

sir all right so we're here with Rafael

we got the two machetes and we're

actually going out into the jungle right

now because we're trying to catch some

set so we're rushing a little bit it's a

little late but there's this cool iron

tower that we can climb all the way to

the top and see 37 meters we can see the

top of the jungle all the treetops from

there great viewpoint and if there's an

anaconda I'm ready


something out there here that it's

dragging us needing it's higher ground


it's the final counter we did Wow look

at that view

so we've now made it all the way to the

top of the tower it was much higher than

I thought but luckily there are these

giant rope cables that are extending

into the ground to hold this thing

because it is shaking like crazy but all

it's pretty cool we got a few just in

time for Suns that you can see the Sun

is just about to go behind the clouds

over there and it looks like a perfect

sunset over all these treetops


all right so our guide Rafael he's about

to stick a fishing pole into this

tranche ULA's nest he's a madman but

that's why we have him oh it's like a


oh he's coming out coming out look at

that guy right there we almost just

walked right through here without seeing

this guy crazy that this guy was going

for our ankles luckily we saw him in the

nick of time so we just came to dinner

now I think I'm gonna grab myself a

drink and then there's like a buffet

style dinner over here but I'll grab

some food and end the night I'll see you

guys in the morning


good morning from the lake of paradise

it is called the lake of paradise

because there is giant otters and

they're the size of Cody so I'm a little

bit scared today me too I wonder anyone

wants to fight like the otters that are

six feet I feel like they're like the

kangaroos in Australia nope your size

and they want to box you I wonder what

they eat to get that big demon ah this

makes so much noise or of them in their

power absorbed Cody yeah so heading to

breakfast this morning it is a beautiful

day we were welcomed to the sound of

lots of birds chirping as we head to

breakfast another day another adventure

we're heading off on a 20-minute boat

ride we're going to this lake where

there's six foot tall otters I don't

believe because I'm six foot so these

otters are gonna be the same exact sizes

me which is really strange but we'll see

how it turns out


on our way to the otters we came across

these big clay licks on the side of the

riverbank where dozens of macaw parrots

were gathered early in the morning

eating the clay we were told that they

come here early in the morning every

single day to eat this clay which

provides nutrients that they don't get

in their regular diet we sat there for

about 20 minutes just watching these

beautiful birds flying back and forth

there's a definite highlight on our

adventure so far we've made it to

Treasure Island


leave this guy oh it's a baby Morag oh

look at this oh you spike you like a

porcupine hello friend hello my crotch

he's flailing around hello

let me go how do you do oh wow Boombah

Boombah Boombah come ah ah

try to nip at me a little uh a little

guy has followed us these now swimming

in the water as we're about to get onto

our boat what's up guys it's only for

one orbit that you will see and just for

one fun


see the otters this is wild

it's so crazy seeing these otters all

five of them just up on this log son

panting I'd say they're probably like

three to four feet long definitely not

the monster six foot tall otters I

thought they're gonna be they're still

pretty big you can see there's another

boat over there looking at them too

these daughters actually own this entire

Lake and they each eat five kilos of

fish in a day there's five otters that's

25 kilos of fish it's just in a day

hunted for piranhas out here hate my

family now they're gonna pay ah thought

I felt something there down there

help me he's out there waiting Donna

cue the jaws music put the non-copyright

1 he's out there man I know it I can

feel it maybe he's full now I mean I did

feed him like a three-course meal Hey


so if you put your finger in there would

you lose it yeah right now whoa oh my

god you hear that yeah that's crazy

you might get your finger yeah


I'm explore with Cody and welcome to the

Amazon luck