How to Contact Amazon Customer Service

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do you need help with Amazon need to

change your account settings having

issues with an order or want to ask a

representative about another issue I'm

Jessica from tech boomers comm in this

video I'll show you how to contact

Amazon now let's get started start by

going to in your web browser

and log into your account if you haven't


scroll down to the bottom of the main


from the menu on the right labeled let

us help you click on help

on the next screen Amazon will suggest

some help topics move your cursor over

need more help and then click on contact


on the contact us page under step 1 what

can we help you with select the category

that is related to your issue

under step 2 tell us more about your

issue use the drop-down menu to select

the issue that you need help with

use the second drop-down menu to select

the particular issue that you're having

finally Amazon will give you different

options on ways to contact them select

email phone or chat to get in touch with

Amazon customer service about your issue

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