How to Call Amazon Directly and Speak to a Live Person

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in this video we're going over how to

call Amazon hey everyone thank you for

joining us today we're going to keep it

short and sweet and we're going to show

you how to call Amazon to get directly

connected to a live person to get help

with incorrect orders first thing you'll

need to do is download the Amazon

shopping app on your phone and you'll

need to sign in to your account so in

the upper left corner if we click on the

menu there should be a sign-in button

you'll need to sign in to your account

first once you're signed in you're going

to go all the way down to the bottom of

the list and go to customer service from

there you're going to swipe up and at

the bottom click on contact us you have

two main options you can chat with

someone over the Internet via just like

a text conversation or you can do a

direct call call us so tap on that and

then you'll select the issue you're

having so is it about an order is the

device not working is you have an issue

with your Prime membership I'm no charge

on your bill I normally just select

order related because those seem to

connect the fastest next you will need

to select one of your orders so like

just for example I have an item coming

on the way I'm just gonna tap on this

item it gives me a drop down here I'm

gonna click on continue now I can do two

things I can kind of tack the seller or

I can have Amazon call me now in here I

was just in put my phone number and put

that phone number and then hit call me

and then Amazon is gonna call you

directly and then it will ask you a few

questions in an automated system and

then it will take you directly to a live


my wife literally just did this and we

were connected to a live person in less

than a minute after answering the few

prompts in the menu so this is basically

how you contact Amazon there is one

other way which is call our general

number so click on here and here you'll

find their toll-free number now what I

like about the

having them call you is in my experience

you get to a live person faster that way

but I'm sure both systems probably are

not too different in terms of the wait

time so the phone number is right at the

bottom here one eight hundred or one 888

two eight zero four three three one

that's if you're in the US if you're

overseas then it would be this too low

six nine two two zero eight eight zero

so those are the two numbers to get

directly to Amazon to get over the phone

support and get your issue resolved

obviously if you have an issue where for

example a package doesn't arrive on time

and you call them usually they'll offer

you some kind of credit for it or if

they ship you the wrong product it's

probably the fastest way to get it

corrected and get them to send out a new

product so anyway this has been our

video hope you find it helpful hit that

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comment down below if it was helpful

we'd love to hear your feedback thanks

again for watching take care and have a

good one