How To Enter Alpha Level of Mind Immediately - The Silva Method

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hi now de Silva cassava here with

another a slough de video now again we

have so many wonderful questions and

some of the questions although they may

seem like really really basic or the

most profound one of the questions I

have here that I thought when I really

like wow really you know it's like how

do i how do I get into alpha level I'm

thinking gee everything we do in the

Silva method is about how to get into

the alpha level or requires you to be in

the alpha level or even slower

frequencies of brain like like the theta

for example and I think that's been a

question that's so many Silva

practitioners and graduates or students

have excessive it's so easy to get to

alpha that it's unbelievable to a lot of

people most of time I tell people just

close your eyes take a deep breath and

relax your body and that's all it takes

basically to be at alpha just data for a

little while that you can get to know

the feeling when you practice the

techniques that we teach the civil

method we use certain things that that

are going to secure that you are at

alpha and these are trigger mechanisms

and points of reference now when you

practice the meditations like the

century and exercise we asked you to

take a deep breath and ask as you exhale

to remember recall or visualize the

number three three times now number

three we make a trip we make to become a

trigger mechanism for physical

relaxation and that's why we take you

through a very extensive part by poped

part by part body relaxation starting

with a scalp and then going to the

forehead and the eyes and the face and

the throat and the arms and shoulders

arms and hands the chest abdomen all the

way down to the toes and we say some

very detailed description of relaxation

like concentrate your sense of awareness

on your scalp the skin that covers your

head you will feel fine vibration a

tingling sensation a feeling of warmth

caused by circulation

all that is meant for you to really

focus on one part of your body the scalp

because it's a lot easier to relax one

part of the body than the whole body at

one time and as you begin to focus and

relax that part by releasing and letting

go of tensions and pressures along the

way you come to a state where you have

very deep physical relaxation now that

practice takes about ten minutes when

you have your eyes closed for ten

minutes and you're breathing deeply

slowly and rhythmically and your muscles

are all very very relaxed I can tell you

for a fact you are if not at alpha

you've gone all the way down to theta

now the number three becomes a trigger

mechanism for physical relaxation then

we actually take another deep breath and

repeat the number two several times and

we guide you through tranquil and

passive seas to relax your mind because

the one or two see the two things that

are going to help you to get to alpha

really really fast and you can get to

alpha mind you from one second to the

next okay doesn't take ten fifteen

twenty or thirty minutes you can do it

from one second to the next

once you have your trigger mechanisms in

place and once you have your points of

reference in place so number two becomes

a trigger mechanism for relaxing your

mind with a relaxed body and a relaxed

mind you will be at alpha and we take it

a step further we say take another deep

breath and exhale and repeat and recall

or remember the number one three times

to find you at your very center that

that is the place we call the basic

plane level where it's now time to work

do whatever you're going to do when

you're in your meditation you can relax

you can repeat affirmations you can do

imagery you can use a formula type

technique whatever you want you are free

to do whatever you want once you're in

that internal space but mind you once

you've got your trigger mechanisms of

physical relaxation for number three

mental relaxation for number two and

your basic plane level like your

starting point for number one

then establish your points of reference

your points of reference are markers

that allow you to to recreate an

experience anytime you want you in the

future so when you are physically

relaxed after you relax your part your

body part by part at number three take a

few moments to mark it and say this is

how physical relaxation feels how

awesome is that

my muscles also relax my breathing is

deep slow and rhythmic that feels so

great and after you relax your mind at

number two then take a few moments to

establish your markers for mental

relaxation as you think of tranquil and

passive sea to God it feels so good to

be tranquil and passive maybe my

imagination I'm sitting by a brook and I

hear water falling and maybe I see

little animals or lizards running

through the leaves or whatever it might

be and it's really tranquil and passive

for me so I think wow this is really

great what a nice feeling market that

becomes a point of reference okay so

your trigger mechanisms and your points

of reference will secure without a doubt

that you are at alpha when you close

your eyes you take a deep breath and

relax so I hope this helps you remember

alpha is a very very easy frequency to

reach it's called a wakeful relaxed

feeling but with your eyes closed all

right so enjoy