ALBEROBELLO: My stay in an Italian village of 'Trulli' houses

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Welcome to my room

isnt it lovely!

on this trip, I wanted to stay in an appartment

so I searched properties on AirBnb

but didn't get anything in Alberobello

so booked this guesthouse through

and I have already told you that

if you book any hotel through's widgets on my website

my website is

then I earn a small part of the commission

so just to get a part of my money back

i booked this through the booking widgets placed on my website

The tariff is ...

let me give you a room tour

AC... which is not needed at this time

this room is in the basement

This reminds me of my stay in a cave hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey

use Bidet after using the toilet

now I am going to sleep

its 12:30 pm

House with such conical roofs are Trullo

So you can see a lot of Trullo in Alberobello

A group of Trullo is called Trulli

So in a way, Alberobello can be called the capital of Trulli

this place is less commercialised

but the place where i am going right now is more popular for tourists

people usually do a day trip

and go back in the evening

most of the tourist guides will suggest you visit places like...

Sovrano and a few churches

in Alberobello

they call them 'must visit places' in Alberobello

but i suggest

come here, explore this place on your own

watch this landscape, these homes

or stay here

nothing else

but this experience will surely be a bit different for you

So Alberobello is an offbeat place in comparison to

places like Rome, Florence, Naples, etc. in Italy

I am just wandering in this place

weather is quite pleasant

April to June & Sep to Nov is the best time to visit

there are many places around Alberobello

which are relatively cheaper than Alberobello

they may be 30-35 km away from Alberobello

it would be easier for you if you hire a car

but you have to get IDP (int driving permit)

from your country

to rent a car in Italy

I also thought to do this

but couldn't get time to apply for IDP

a car can help you to explore Alberobello in a better way

you can stay in a nearby town to get cheaper accommodation

and then drive for a day trip to Alberobello

I used a bus to travel from Rome to Alberobello

My guesthouse is hardly 100 metres away from

the bus dropped me

I have already checked out now

left my bags in their custody

I'll leave this place at 6-7 pm to get back to Rome

Now there are many modern houses coming up in Alberobello

there are around 1500 Trullo in this town

Trullo is Singular Trulli is Plural

but now out of those 1500, many of them

are not converted into shops, cafes and restaurants

but there are many where people still live

for eg this one

people live here

otherwise, there most of them Trullo are now

turned into modern houses

You can see a lot of Pizzerias here

its not pizza, its Foccacia

Focaccia reminds me of Turkish Gozleme

which is also stuffed with potatoes

lets try this

has tomatoes and potatoes

until now for me whatever looks this was a Pizza

but now I know there is something called Focaccia

though I can't find any potato inside

also has tomatoes

Throw the tissue paper in a proper trash bin

different bin for a different type of garbage

isn't this good!

lets taste it

they don't use mortar to build such roofs

this is the uniqueness of such houses - Trullo

centuries back

Farmers used to build such house

actually, everyone had to pay a tax

after a new house was built

the tax was paid after the house was completely built

but in order to evade from the tax

they never built the house completely

after erecting the permanent walls

they didn't use to make permanent roofs

they kept the roof as a temporary structure

so that if someone comes for the inspection

he shouldn't feel the house is fully constructed

so no tax!

after inspection, people used to make such roofs again

now we come to see these roofs from around the world

I wanted to experience a stay in such house

that is why I booked a Trullo house

a guesthouse

such houses are also eco-friendly

they remain warm in winters and cool in summer from inside

because they are naturally built

this area is not at all commercialised

people live here

how deserted this area looks!

expect some of us tourists

so walk & explore Alberobello this way

eat icecreams, pizza..

or just spend some time in such cafeterias

they look like from our neighbouring country

whenever we talk about our neighbouring country

we always start thinking about a particular country

but we have many other neighbours too

look how they look and you'll know

which country I am talking about

i was asking them how to get back to Bari

i am going to make a booking for my return journey

i came to visit the tourist information office

to get information and use their internet wifi

but this is closed

then I met them

now he helped me

he offered me his personal mobile internet

Using it now I have made the bookings

Got a Flixbus from Bari to Rome

they have guided how to reach Bari from here

we tried to book a local train online

but couldnt

he said - get the ticket directly from the station

would also be cheaper

they are his friends

this place is good for tourists but not for locals

because of less job oppotunities

now he is taking me to the train station

a train from the 2nd world war time!

a ticket booking kiosk

i'll use my card to buy

it was not working

Alberobello to Bari = 5 Euro

this is Alberobello train station

we are going to see the biggest Trullo

glad to know Italy also likes Bollywood

perhaps the largest Trullo

they are all single floored

but this is ..

2 floored

that is why it is popular

Alberobello is UNESCO's World Heritage site

he says the population of Alberobello is 10,000

he asked me about population of my place

i replied 18 Million people in Delhi

This is the 'instagram point' of Alberobello

its 4:50 pm

he is taking me to random places

though I am reminding him to not to forget of this engagements

but I am enjoying his company as he is a local

you can get to see a lot of hidden things with a local

which you cant visit if travelling on a packaged trip

this is Fritto

so you can get a lot of veg options here as well

i have just shared this on instagram story

I paid 4 Euro for this Margherita pizza

i would recommend this eatery

I had Fritto and Pizza

Its not costly

I just found a supermarket

now getting in to buy a few things

its time to say goodbye

I recommend visiting this place and see such Trullo

eat, drink and relax

instead of a day tour, spend a night in such homes

now I am going back to Rome

firstly a bus to Putignano

then a train to Bari

then Flixbus to Rome at 11 pm from Bari

i will reach Rome at 6 am

so I saved on hotel stay by taking a night bus

This is Alberobello