Battlefield 4 - Reach the Airfield

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captain's orders Irish what do you think

don't volunteer your father did but who

approves captain garrison take it up

with him you know about this do you

speak Mandarin sergeant whether I do or

don't it's none of your concern you I'm

just trying to help go back be afraid in

my opinion bad [ __ ] idea record she's

a risk in a liability


attention all hands warriors on the

valve I know we're time

all of us suffer

cause friends lovers

we will ensure it was not

the storm is grounded out of here

but it won't be for long it may be the

only ship left

we will not go down without a

steam west strike the airfield

it's a pastor Smith Singapore straight

striking speed turns

let the storm carry us home



displacement dog





move on to the road


forgot the final




dr. target



in custody good luck to be alive

we'll put this take it down


gemstone right quiet into the city fine

let's go in but then watch a sector they

keep our rear covered run out




I'm not seeing the air fill yet