_ Top 7 Ways To Contact Airbnb Customer Support + Super Host Priority Number

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this week's Airbnb quick tip is are the

best ways to get in touch with Airbnb


what's up I'm Danny over the years

they've gotten significantly better if

you're an old time host if you've been a

host since 2013 and before you probably

think Airbnb has terrible customer

service since then they've made huge

huge huge improvements I'm gonna lay out

in this video here all the different

ways there's eight or nine different

ways and more unique ways that you can

get in touch with Airbnb because

sometimes it is difficult to get in

touch with them believe it or not when I

worked at Airbnb it used to be a thing

where employees in all the departments

were required to answer customer service

phone calls since then they've come a

long way so we'll start with a couple

general rules okay the first one is

you're rolling the dice when you call

Airbnb unfortunately you're getting

humans and as they're humans they have

canoes and bad days good employees and

bad employees so sometimes you will have

to teach the representative how the

platform works you have to explain the

subtleties to them if you know that

going in then you're gonna be less

flustered when they're not getting it

right away number two is that from my

experience Airbnb customer service

representatives are in the US and

they're in the Philippines the

Philippines they are helpful they've

been mostly helpful for me but if you

rather have someone in the US then you

must call during the u.s. operating

times that's gonna be Eastern Standard

Time and Pacific Standard Time that's

the west coast and the East Coast first

up the best way to contact Airbnb is if

you're super host to call Airbnb with

the number registered on your account

that's because you're routed directly to

the super host priority line that gets

you less wait times and better customer

service representatives more higher

level customer service representatives

and people who work at Airbnb not at a

call center and they work for a day on

Airbnb in a day on a different company

this number I'm gonna post up here right

now and the reason why I'm posting it up

is because if you have to call Airbnb

and you don't call them from the number

register to your account then they're

not going to know you're super host and

you get you'll get routed into the

normal standard numbers so you have to

call this specific number if you're not

calling from the number registered on

your air beam

profile in the accompanying blog post I

have a list of all the local phone

numbers by country I'm going to include

a link in the description that you can

click on for all of these countries to

get your local number an under leveraged

way to reach out to Airbnb is the

community center they've recently

overhauled it and there's some

representatives on there whose job is to

just answer hosts questions on there by

the way if it's an urgent issue you

always have to call if it's not urgent

you can use a whole bunch of other ways

to get in touch with their baby one is

airing the community center if you don't

already have a profile I suggest you go

up and sign up for one now it's a huge

wealth of information from really active

and engaged Airbnb hosts the video will

be back shortly but I promised Traci and

Luna they could say something

Twitter is another way to get Airbnb

unfortunately the answer seem to be

totally robotic but they do answer you

and sometimes you'll get a rep on the

message thread because they'll basically

you can tweet them at Airbnb at Airbnb

help at Brian Chesky at Nate HR sec and

at Joe Gebbia the three founders you can

tweet any of them an Airbnb customer

service automated ball will come out and

say send us a message you'll send them a


and then a rep will get back to you

usually that happens within a few hours

the Airbnb Help Center this is gonna be

on the website the desktop website

that's made huge improvements as well

you gonna click if you're a guest or

you're a host and then after you click

that you're gonna scroll all the way to

the bottom and click the button in the

lower right hand corner that says

contact us that's true for the app and

the desktop version the only thing in

the app is you're gonna have to click on

the app your profile in the bottom right

corner when you're looking at the app

and then click get help and then scroll

down to the contact us button and once

you do that you can message them or you

can call them if you call them they're

gonna give you the local number in

whatever country you're in I'm in now

Indonesia and I actually just called it

to see if it was in English and sure

enough it was in English they said that

the wait time is about ten minutes and

it was answered within about four

minutes however there was some sort of

disconnection I didn't actually speak

with anyone one strategy that I've

advised some folks to use is actually

search LinkedIn for an Airbnb employee

in a relevant department and reach out

to them there it's worth a try if you

have if you have a specific question

about something it's

worth a try hit or miss success because

not everyone uses LinkedIn and that's

not their job but everybody still can be

quite difficult to get in touch with and

once you get in touch with them it might

be difficult to get your question

answered so you might have to call back

a few times and you might have to use a

different a few different strategies in

order to get in contact with them in

order to eventually find the right

person and last but not least Elliot

advocacy provides free advice and

advocacy for consumers in this case

Airbnb hosts they come in for more

serious issues for example some hosts

profiles have been deleted in the past

and Airbnb provides no information it's

pretty frustrating I can imagine if I

was a host or a guest and some of these

people reach out to Elliot in some of

those cases Elliot will take to Airbnb

because they're a bigger organization

air maybe pays a little bit more

attention to them so if they were to

take your tastes that's a great thing

please don't overwhelm them with with

small issues they're really only for

these really big issues that you're that

you're being stonewalled by Airbnb and

they're absolutely not responding to you

where they're sending you those generic

emails you can also actually donate

Elliot advocacy they do great work with

all companies they help frustrated

customers of all companies get their

problems solved and these are these are

like I said big issues where the entire

account is totally disabled or blocked

and those are my ways to get in touch

with Airbnb if I didn't cover away

let me know in the comment section share

with the community because we all know

how frustrating it is to not get in

touch with everybody and not get your

question answered until next time happy