How to Get a Football Agent

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what's going on guys Matt here from

elite and today I'm going to go over how

to contact professional level agents I




get asked this so many times about how

to contact agents how to find agents how

to find scalps etc and so this video is

going to be very brief and concise and

tell you exactly how to get yourself

represented by an agent first and

foremost be realistic with yourself if

you are a 14 years old and you're

playing for the club level of a random

team in your state don't go looking for

agent you're not ready to become a

professional level soccer player yet you

only needed agent when you were ready at

that moment to play professional level

soccer both mentally physically

emotionally everything I didn't give an

agent until I finished my senior season

of college when I was 22 years old

before you contact an agent you're going

to need two things

gonna need your highlight video and

you're going to need your CV if you do

not have a highlight video and you do

not have a CV then stop watching this

video and go make yourself a highlight

video and say be by watching the two

videos in my description on how to make

a CV and how to make a highlight video

I'm going to be brutally honest with you

right now if you do not have a CV and a

highlight video no agent is going to

want to represent you okay so now you

have your professionally made CV in your

professionally made highlight video and

you follow the steps and the techniques

that I've described in the videos in the

description now you are ready to start

contacting agent the best way to really

contact an agent is through teammates

friends coaches start talking to

everybody that you really know your

college coach or semi-pro coach your

assistant coaches your teammates ask

them if they have any connections with

any agents that they could possibly

introduce you to this is the best way to

do it because if you have a teammate

that is a good level player and he has

gained the trust of an agent who wants

to represent him having him give the

agent his word that you are a good

player and that you're ready to go play

professionally is going to mean so much

more than a random agent that you find

online so whenever I want to get a new


or I'm starting to talk to an agent I

always contact my friends my teammates

old coaches assistant coaches and I

basically say I'm looking to find an

agent do you have any recommendations

you know and if they think that you're a

good player and they're willing to give

their word of the agent they're going to

help you out and a lot of the times if

you have that good of a connection

there's that good of a word with that

agent that player sometimes they're just

willing to sign you like that like that

our if you don't have any teammates

coaches friends etc that are really in

the professional level ah then you

really got a question if you're ready to

make that jump because most of the time

when you're ready to go professionally

you've gone to the level now where

you've really started to meet coaches

and teammates and players that have a

lot of connections now into the

professional world so really try to

gauge yourself if you know absolutely

nobody that can help you ask yourself if

you are really ready to play

professional soccer be realistic I don't

want to kill your dreams I don't want to

be like you can't do it but you have to

realize that it's going to be very hard

to get an agent if you are really not at

the level to play professional soccer

having said all of that I know tons of

players that have found their agents

online or have contacted them just

through an email and this is how you do

it the first thing is you just go online

and you look up professional soccer

agents in America or professional soccer

agents in England wherever that you want

to play my recommendation is to do

thorough thorough thorough research look

at who they are representing look at how

professional their site looks look at

references that you can use called in

speak on the phone with them get some

information ask questions be very

thorough with your research because I've

heard horror stories about agents that

have not gone through on their words or

taken money etc now I'm going to put

this as a little disclaimer never pay an

agent up front for anything if they say

look I can get you this trial in England

next week but I'm going to need a

thousand dollars just so I can book your

plane ticket in a hotel and then I will

bring you over and I'll set you up on

the trial don't do it you should only

paid agent based off of a percentage of

what contract that he gets for you and

now you've done a ton of research he

found five to ten agencies that you

you think you have a decent shot not

only being represented by them but also

look professional and that you trust and

now you're ready to reach out to them

and contact them to see if they are

interested in representing you find an

email on their website a contact form or

something and what you're going to do is

fill out and write a little email about

yourself and this email make this email

short one or two paragraphs and make

this email personal to this agency hello

Derek at pro sports agency my name is

Matt Sheldon I am a 24 year old write

backslash write mid I played

professionally for two or three years

with in the second division of US soccer

or even before I was professional I

wrote I had played Division one soccer

at University of California Davis and

semi-pro soccer the PDL level for San

Jose Earthquakes route 23 and the

Ventura County fusion I've also been a

practice player at Sacramento Republic

and the second division of US

professional soccer and I'm looking for

representation to really go forward into

the professional game give them a little

bit of information about where you're

looking to play I'm looking to find it a

team or trial it anywhere in the u.s. L

or NASL and I'm looking for an agent to

help me find some of those connections

that's it very short concise who you are

who you play for what you're looking for

and then underneath that say I've

attached my CV and my highlight video

for you to take a look and judge me as a

player I look forward hearing back from

you boom short concise clear you have

your CV you have your highlight video

that is an email that Asia is going to

respect that he's going to like to see

and he is going to be more likely to

respond to if your email is riddled with

spelling mistakes or it doesn't make

sense or you ramble on forever three

four five six paragraphs talking about

your full life story an agent's going to

be like I what's going on here and again

you have to be realistic if you say I

played JV from my high school team and I

am a bench player for my club team at

this place no agent is going to want to

represent you because he doesn't think

that he can make money or find you a

contract agents only sign players who

they think they can make money off of by

getting them a professional level

contract having said that though if they

don't want to sign

you that doesn't mean that just because

one agent doesn't want to sign you that

no agent is going to want to sign you I

personally have been turned down by

agents before but I just been persistent

and I've been continuing to email and

reach out to people reach through

connections talk to players talk to

coaches and through that persistency and

networking I've been set up with

multiple agents who were interested in

me and wanted to sign me the main points

to get from this is just to be clear be

concise have a professional level

highlight video have a professional

level CV and be persistent I hope this

helps you make that next step to become

a professional level soccer player and

again only start looking for an agent if

you are ready to go to professional

level that's it for the video I hope you

guys enjoyed it hit the thumbs up pardon

if you did and I'll see you guys in the

next video