How to get Twitch Affiliate Fast - The Real Way!

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Looking to get twitch affiliate fast in this video right here I'm gonna lay out

a strategic plan on how you can guarantee yourself twitch affiliate

faster than you ever thought and we're getting started right now!

Hey it's me it's wild coming at you from my stream support playlist where I bring you the

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for you if you're a new twitch streamer out there you're probably really

interested on how to become a twitch affiliate and in this video I'm gonna

show you all the secrets but we first have to take a look at what are the

twitch affiliate requirements to get that invite button for the program let's

go over them really quick so we all understand what we need to accomplish

twitch lays us out four goals that we have to accomplish for the affiliate

program the first one is we have to broadcast for 500 minutes within 30 days

requirement number two is we have to have seven unique broadcasts within 30

days requirement number three is we have to have a concurrent of three or more

viewers in our stream over the last 30 days and the last requirement we have is

we have to have at least 50 followers to our channel now if you guys need any

more information on the twitch affiliate requirements I actually did a video on

that I'll put it in the card on the top right there and a link in the

description below it goes a little more in-depth but these are the four

requirements that we need to concentrate on for you to achieve affiliate status

let's do some simple math here since we know we have to broadcast for seven

unique streams and we also have to broadcast for 500 minutes let's divide

500 by seven and basically that means we have to broadcast for at least two to

three hours for seven unique streams which is quite easy to actually do with

these seven unique streams we're gonna concentrate on these these are going to

be our power play streams that are gonna push you over to get an invite

twitch affiliate now I know what you're thinking but wild I can stream for more

than seven days and that's true these are just the bare minimums in fact I

think you should stream as frequent as you can but these seven power streams

are a proven strategy that I've helped many people get to affiliate status so I

want to show you this these are just guidelines feel free to tweak and add to

it but I guarantee you if you follow and use these seven powerful streams you

guaranteed will get that twitch affiliate status quicker than you ever

thought now take notes because this part coming

up is really important on how you can improve these seven streams to make them

super effective and super powerful for our first power tip we want to consider

our scheduling we want to make sure we take advantage of these seven streams by

putting them in places where we can a stream effectively in this 30-day window

pic spaces where they're kind of spread out don't stack them too far together

we'll cover more why this is important later but if you have a lot of free time

maybe you want to stack them kind of within two weeks maybe if you've got

nothing but free time out there and you want to go full ham and go full

aggressive with it you know you can do seven back-to-back

streams I don't think it's the best but if you have the time and you're willing

to hustle and grind it out hey I say go for it

try to go get twitch affiliate within one week please take into consideration

when you start scheduling these power streams how much time you can dedicate

and allocate to them I mean come on you have to stream for a couple hours to

really make these work and that can be tough for some people out there you may

have a family you may have kids you may have school you may have work maybe you

want to go out on a date with a boy or maybe you want to go out on a date with

a girl or maybe you have vacation coming up there's a lot of things that are

different in everybody's life so really make sure you think about what days

you're gonna be streaming on because you have to take it seriously

now that we've blocked off time for these seven power streams you have to do

me a favor make sure you show up you need to make sure that you're there on

time make sure that you do not cancel these streams if you have to try to do

your best to inform everyone out there look we're trying to make these streams

powerful and effective and the only way to do that is if you show up and you hit

that start stream button for our first power tip what you want to do is

log on to twitch go under the game category that you plan on streaming and

one hour before you hit the start stream button we're actually gonna watch

another streamer a streamer that is only a few viewers above you usually with an

arranged about five is decent and what you want to do is be engaging ask that

streamer questions about the game about how they stream about them and also try

to make a connection with the community that's in there try to be the active

chatter try to make friends what this is all about is essentially your networking

and creating a community of friends and what this does is it opens up the door

for one powerful question that most streamers will ask viewers hey do you

play the game and guess what this is a great chance for you to say something

that is not self promoting but a very informative thing you can say yeah I

also stream this game and what's gonna happen is that streamer who's currently

playing that game will probably start asking you questions and you have this

nice cohesiveness and since you've formed a connection a bond and a

friendship with the whole community of the viewers regular subscribers in the

streamer everybody's gonna be more inclined to watch you when that

streamers not streaming when you're hours up from watching that streamer

make sure you thank them for the stream and let them know that hey I'm off to

play some games as well do not self promote and do not say that you're going

off the stream it's kind of a scrub move don't be a scrub now it's super

important when you say goodbye to the streamer say something kind say

something like hey man thank you for the dope stream and make sure to thank the

viewers that are else on the channel make sure you say bye to them it was

great chatting to you all and there's a tip that you want to do here

make sure you linger in the chat for a couple of minutes make sure he reads

your comment and just beyond because something very magical can happen that's

happened to me many times the streamer will say hey thanks for stopping in and

having a great time are you planning on streaming this game also maybe I'll host

you afterwards and boom you've got a reason for somebody to host you because

you made a great connection with their community and the streamer and they're

gonna feel comfortable hosting you which means

you will get an instant boost right off the bat which means more visibility and

you will be surprised at how often this works this is how I was able to grow up

exceedingly fast and you know what for an extra bro tip this is the best way to

make friends on Twitch some of my best friends are from fellow communities that

we've all learned to grow up together in twitch this is one of the fun and best

things about twitch itself for our next step we have to concentrate on crafting

the perfect discoverable and targeted social blast now a lot of you out there

probably thinking but I don't have a social presence or authority stop

thinking that way again that scrub thinking if you have zero that's fine

that's a starting point and I'm gonna show you how we can use it still to our

advantage you guys are really hurting yourselves if you don't have any Twitter

or Instagram or any other social media platform out there because you're not

allowing yourself to be discovered and you have no way to reach targeted

markets and those are two key factors that are super important for growing on

Twitch when crafting a social blast we need a concentrate on those two factors

that we stated earlier but for the first one we're gonna look at targeted market

what makes a good targeted market well simple we want to look at something

that's gonna have a decent reach that we're not really gonna be bothering

someone personally we want to look at markets like stream communities

Community Managers game companies publishing houses development houses all

these have ways of reaching and they might funnel back into you and you would

be surprised at how many times some people might retweet this

information which means more discoverability for you happens a lot

more than you think now very important note here do not tag or hash tag any

particular one person or big streamer you're basically just gonna be annoying

them and spamming them and it's gonna actually have a negative effect on you

and the tweets not going to be effective which is what this strategy is all about

effectiveness now that our blast is targeted it's

gonna have some good reach we want to concentrate on making sure that it's

discoverable and this one is quite easy all I need to do is grab your twitch URL

slash whatever your user name is and put it in the bottom of

your social blast if you have any questions or concerns or comments about

validating a streamer card because sometimes it will grab the wrong

information I did a video on that a long time ago I'll put a link in the top of

the card there or in the show notes below make sure to check it out because

you want to make sure that it's validated correctly so people can find

you if it's shared or retweeted or somebody's clicking in and through it

now even if you have 0 followers 0 friends 0 subscribers your scrub I was a

scrub when I first started it doesn't matter because you never know who's

gonna come in to your channel like your content take the extra step to find your

social media retweet it or even comment on it and spread it out or like we said

before if those targeted markets find your tweet

they might retweet it and that has happened a lot to me and you'd be

surprised at who comes in from that or you know what I've actually had game

communities and game publishing houses come into my stream and say hey I found

your tweet wanted to check you out it happens a lot more than you think

don't sell yourself short it's all about having this reach that funnels back into

your channel power tip number 3 you want to make sure you set up timers and

commands that are relevant for growing your stream what are some good timers

and commands to have well you want to make sure you have at least these three

make sure you have a timer that does a social media blast it lets people know

where they can find you on all your social media so you can get that growing

so that way when you do a blast on there people know when you're going live

number two is you want to make sure you let people know your schedule especially

for the 7 power streams let people know in a timer that these are the days that

you go live so they know when to find you and when to look out for you now for

timers do me a solid and make sure you put these on very long time intervals

put them on the longest that you can or for how many lines of chat pass you

don't want to bombard people and you don't want to spam people but these are

great ways to help you grow and get some extra eyeballs your way and the last you

want to do is a command make sure you have an invite command because that's

gonna go into our next tip here power tip number four

is pick a game that's not saturated that you can play with viewers you want to

look at games better in the top 11 and down usually top 11 to 30 is a great

spot but look for games that you can play with viewers that you own and what

you want to do here is you're going for a particular niche you're looking for

people that are looking for a community and looking for friends to play with and

you can fill that void and this is a great way to grab concurrents what you

want to do is label your stream parentheses the type of console or

platform you're playing on for instance parentheses PC then put a space and put

open lobby playing with viewers literally type this verbatim and then

you can put a small unique title after that and what this lets people know is

when they're scrolling through on Twitch's platform they're instantly

gonna see hey I also have a PC hey this guy's playing with yours I'm gonna click

in on him and this is the best way to grow and keep your concurrent now just a

side note like I always say make sure you have rules of what it's like to play

with you for instance I don't mic up with anyone and if you're trying to grow

your concurrent and you're trying to grow to get that twitch affiliate status

I would probably recommend not micing up with anyone because if you mic up with

people a lot of times what happens is they leave the chat because they're

always talking to you on the mic so what I do I don't mic up with anyone I

mute them so that way if they have to ask me a question they have to ask it in

chat which means I keep their concurrent now it's up to you for you to decide

what rules and regulations you're gonna have for your stream if you're gonna

play with viewers for me I have three rules that I like to implement you have

to be a follower you have to have fun and you gotta try to win if you can't

abide by my three rules then you know what I don't want to play with you and

you know what's the nice thing about this is everybody agrees and it's right

up front that people understand my rules so they have a good time and you know

what the best part is I get a follower out of it which means it's gonna chip

away at that 50 count and that's gonna chip away really quick if you do this

strategy all right we got our power tips out of the way guess what you can start

streaming that was a lot of information and I'm sorry that it took so long but

this is very important information because if you do

these steps I guarantee you'll get to affiliate super fast so make sure you

follow them when you start streaming it's up to you try to keep your energy

high make sure you go the bathroom before make sure you have water make

sure you have snacks try to engage as much as you can and if you're playing

with people make sure you congratulate them on how well they're doing try to

get a flow it's okay to be sassy with them people love that it creates a nice

competitive spirit but from here it's completely up to you on how you're gonna

run your stream now there is one last Power Pro bro tip that I'm gonna give

you in it's number five if you have people watching your stream make sure

you host somebody else that is in the same game category that is just adjacent

and concurrent viewership that you're at let's say you got a big host or a big

raid or people found you from your Twitter post or social media blast and

you came in and you got a bump up to 20 go find someone that's around 20 25 you

know reach for it and host them and engage there for at least 15 minutes to

interact you want to make sure you welcome your community over there and

have fun and engage with them and make sure you let them know that they're

doing a great job streaming because again it's all about community and I

guarantee you if you do these four you're seven power streams you will get

twitch affiliates so fast and if you do make sure you let me know in the

comments below so I can be the first that congratulate you now if you want to

go above a beyond on our bro power tip number five you know go ahead and put

out a social blast see the person that you host generally down below and their

information of other panels it'll have their information that you can tag them

or hash tag them on for when you say hey thank you all for watching we sent our

love over to blank and that's a great way to form a community and a friendship

as well hey if you guys like these tips let me know put a comment below and if

you have something that you'd like to add or you think that should be added to

the guidelines and strategy that you want to share with all of your friends

out there you know do me a solid and leave the comment below I love hearing

all the great feedback from you guys and if you guys do you find this helpful and

you want me to do more videos like this let me know what you struggle with on

any of your streaming platforms and I will see what I can do to help you out

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