THE ADAM'S PEAK GUIDE- Little Adam’s peak or Adam’s peak (Sri Pada), Which one is best for you?

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hey guys what's up if you're planning your trip to Sri Lanka you might have

come across two different hikes called little Adams peak and Adams peak in

this video I'm going to tell you the differences between both of them and

what you could expect

adam's peak also known as sri pada is the fifth highest mountain in sri lanka

but is the most sacred one. the closest train station is Hatton and

from Hatton you could either stay in a town called maskeliya which is about a

20-minute drive from the bottom or you could stay in nallathaniya which is the base

of the hike it's a popular attraction to climb to

the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise this means waking up at 2:00

a.m. it could take anywhere from two and a half hours to four hours so it's no

doubt a challenge however the challenge makes the experience even greater. That

was intense climb up to the top of adam's peak and

for almost down and I'm sweating so much but it was worth it for the views at the

top you'll experience breathtaking views as well as cultural ceremonies for me

this was an amazing experience however I have heard from some people that they

didn't enjoy it as much because it was too crowded

to avoid this outcome check with a local prior and plan your trip around holidays

the space is limited up top so it's best to leave room for the locals on their

sacred holidays

little adams peak is a short hike away from Ella, it takes around 45 minutes and

it's fairly easy it has great views of surrounding mountains and tons of room

up top to walk around. I recently made a video on the top 5 things to do in Ella

so I'll leave a link below so that you could check that out afterwards. The best

time to head to little adams peak is around sunset. during the day could get

too hot and what else is better than enjoying mountain views with a beautiful

sunset. I know when I was planning my trip to Sri Lanka I was a little bit

confused about why there are two different adams Peaks and whether they

were similar or whether one was better for me and that's why I decided to make

this video to sum it all up, adams peak is a little bit secluded

it's strenuous and it might not be for everyone and I understand why but it

does have a great cultural feel and it also has amazing views on the other hand

little adams peak is located in a cute touristy hub it's an easy hike so it's

great for the whole family however it does miss out on that cultural feel that

you get from the adams peak and if you have the time I would encourage you to

do both the great experiences and they're completely different if you

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you next time