How to Practice Acceptance (in 5 easy steps)

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today we're going to tackle one of the

most talked-about and sought-after

spiritual practices in the world and

that's accepting what is and so I'm

going to show you what these five easy

steps on how to gain a little bit of

control of this situation when you're

feeling a little bit fragmented and a

little bit confused and what's happening

around you so first step step number one

is becoming aware of exactly where

you're at now if Kaos is ensuing around

you you just want to just pause for that

moment and just observe exactly what's

happening in your environment just take

an inventory to see what's around you

the sights the smells the noises just

take a real inventory of that in step

two you're going to just breathe into

the discomfort so because there's some

chaos you're breathing into it and

oftentimes I'll just put my hands on my

chest and take a breath in to experience

with more ease what's happening because

under chaos our bodies naturally tighten

and contract so we want to help to open

the system up in that moment if we don't

then we're going to be running more the

stress response in our body and we're

not going to actually feel any type of

ease or grace in that in that moment of

chaos so when it's chaotic you're

breathing in to that moment and just

really feeling some of the challenge

that we're experiencing the third is to

hypersensitive ear awareness so as I'm

breathing in to what's happening around

me I'm actually gonna now become an

hypersensitive my my visual centers my

hearing I'm just gonna listen for every

sight and sound that I can possibly get

grab hold of an and that's bringing me

fully fully present so the more present

I can be with everything that's around

me is going to allow me to experience

more ease in that moment the fourth is

to once you have a little bit of

breathing room in there the fourth is

going to be to ask what's really going

on here because you were just about to

to maybe start an argument or go off the

wall or or you know go into a rage or a

fit of rage and and so in step 4 after

you've taken that breath and

/ sensitized your awareness in your

present moment say ask yourself what's

really going on here and when you ask

that question you're forcing the frontal

lobe of your brain the most evolved part

of our brain to actually kick into gear

and so once you do that you're going to

be instantly more resourceful in that

moment so the fourth step is ask what's

really going on and the fifth step is

then also to see what are the benefits

to my distress so the fifth is what are

the benefits so I'm feeling this chaos

this chaos is ensuing around me I'm

breathing into it I'm curious as to

what's really going on and now I engage

in what are the benefits to this well

maybe the benefits are I get a moment to

calm down maybe the benefits to that

moment are I get to actually remember

what it's like to be carefree and run

around the house with no expectations

that I'm supposed to be quiet and I just

ramble on like a kid does or whatever

whatever that thing is for you there's

going to be a set of benefits in there

that you can experience that moment of

experiencing the chaos maybe it's

actually forcing you to draw upon a new

resource of energy that forces you to

access maybe some peace and ease which

you don't normally do so there are

benefits to you so that's step five is

finding and discovering what those

benefits are to you so let's recap the

first is there's well first there's

chaos around you so what do we do well

when there's chaos around number one we

become aware of exactly where we're at

what's going on number two as we breathe

into the discomfort and actually feel

our discomfort feel how tight we're

getting in that moment the third is -

hypersensitive are aware nough so let's

really become present with the sights

and sounds and smells and everything

around us so we're not trying to avoid

it but we're trying to hypersensitive

our awareness the fourth is to ask

what's really going on access that

curiosity and number five is what are

the benefits to my distress what's

what's going on and what are the

benefits for me in this hey and if I'm

if you're anything like me five steps

can be really overwhelming

so here's what I want you to do commit

to one of those steps and just write


which step that you're actually going to

be committing to and just to help you to

get on your way I'm dr. Steve and if you

want any more information just head on

over to Steven Phan so calm