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off the coast of southeastern maine

acadian national park

is a 49 000 acre living masterpiece

that graces mount desert island and

several smaller islets


like a gallery spanning some of

america's most

inspiring landscapes acadia national

park presents a broad palette

of diverse textures and colors

the seasons change in acadia mother

nature's brush strokes

blend new hues into the scenery

most nature lovers however come to

witness the golds

auburns and deep reds of fall

while mount desert island was first

inhabited by the native wabanaki

and later a scattering of hearty new

englanders in the late

1800s society's elite

began discovering this isolated paradise

these high flyers found this earthy

wilderness so

grounding so nourishing that many bought

and donated land to protect the area


as a national park


after cruising from the mainland across

trenton bridge

drop anchor for a day or two in bar


the main gateway of acadia

this vibrant seaside community bustles


shops bars and restaurants and is the

launching point for tours and adventures

throughout the park


head down to the docks and try some

iconic main

lobster fresh from the sea

learn about the island's first peoples

at the abbey museum

and check out what's happening in

village green the lush heart of this

coastal town

after exploring the delights of bar


hit the road and let the scent of spruce

and pine lead you

into the national park

the 27-mile loop road is the main route

for driving to acadia's natural


and best hiking trails and is also

conveniently serviced

by a shuttle bus


for early risers your first stop should

be boulder beach

where stones sculpted by the ebb and

flow of ocean tides throughout the ages

glow golden in the morning sun

from the cove climb to the top of otter


gaze out from one of the most dramatic

viewpoints in the park

and watch as the brilliant waters of the

north atlantic

crash against the headland

just off the loop road is another of

mount desert island's town's

northeast harbor known as the quiet side

for its slower pace

over the years northeast harbor has been

an exclusive summer hideaway

for several influential families

including the rockefellers

pulitzers and fords



many visitors return to acadia again and


because the park welcomes four-legged

vacationers too

acadia is known as one of the most

pet-friendly national parks in the u.s

with no shortage of lodging options that

cater to

furry friends


after resting up in northeast harbor

pull on your hiking boots or

bike shorts and spend a day exploring

the island's interior

carriage roads in 1915

jd rockefeller commissioned an elaborate

network of gravel roads and bridges

strictly off limits to motor cars

to this day the 57 miles of roads are

available for bike

carriage and pedestrian enjoyment only

follow the carriage roads to jordan pond

carved by the wisconsin ice sheet

admire nature's kaleidoscope in the

still waters

and gaze across at the bubbles rising

from the northeast shoreline


join other leaf peepers basking in

acadia's indian summer

on jessup path when you're ready

close your eyes to the intense rainbow

of colors

and open your ears to the calls of

goldfinch and crossbills

echoing through the trees



after bathing in the colors and sounds

of the forest

hike or drive to the summit of cadillac


this pink granite peak worn smooth by

restless glaciers is the first place in

the nation that is warmed by the sun's


each winter's morning

like a vivid canvas sparkling off the

new england coast

acadia national park has lured


and those with an eye for beauty for


past visitors became custodians adoring

this wild place

so much that they fought to protect its


and often delicate beauty

so now it's our time to tread lightly

and be humbled by the ever-changing


of acadia one of mother nature's most


and inspiring works