How to Get to Dubai Airport from Abu Dhabi for $8.99 USD

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yes I just went here bought a ticket to

Dubai 425 Durham and we're right here at

the bus station in Abu Dhabi so ask the

guy what time's the bus leave and he

just like just go so I assume the buses

leave periodically as they fill up so

we're gonna roll in here and get the bus

over to Dubai and we're leaving out with

Dhabi here's a look around bus station

in Abu Dhabi departure area right there

is where I bought the ticket for 25

all right so this is looking at the

divided the parts of left

we walk it out somewhere

supposed to get on

so I made the bus

even packed entirely this market erika

sifrit between

right between the

so far

it's working well


thank you my friend

bus station 8:30

midnight wasn't

it's right here



main restaurant

on our way to divine

for some reason buses stop in front

we let a gentleman on


this station called al Jeff Illya so

hopefully this is the best place to go

to the airport see worst-case scenario

and run a taxi I guess you want to go

check this out


okay so it's 3:15 I got off it out Jeff

Thalia station and then went and talked

to this young lady here at the

information so for eight Durham it's

gonna take me straight to terminal 1 so

I've got to go upstairs and check it out

and the gold was like 40 Durham's or

something like that so I'm going to

cheap seats 8 Durham straight to

terminal 1 so we're gonna see where we

go from here

though right there that information


looks like we're there

we have to go to

14 which is airport to morning


back south

okay look when you see that says women

and children only that way don't go into

that cabin okay that's for women only

okay so here we are the airport terminal

one station

I almost got my ass in trouble because I

wasn't paying attention on the train if

you're a male there's gonna be a cabin

for women and children but it's not

clearly marked there's just a little bit

of pink on the walls I'm not paying

attention and you know fellow passengers

saved me so just realize when you get in

on the door I'm gonna go over here and

show you okay it's gonna have on the

door women and children only I wasn't

paying attention okay so right here

that's the women and children entrance

that's the women and children cabin okay

don't go in there make sure you go and

the ones down here they just have to

have the black and yellow okay so nobody

told me about that but but here it is

right here some women and children only

and there's a hundred ad fine for men

that go in this cabin so just pay

attention make sure you go into the

right cabin all right so now we're we're

here at airport terminal 1 and let's go

see if we can find the airport

okay so this is the airport terminal 1

station rare I hear too easy right so

I'm going to departures I'm gonna go out

this gate over here so let's see if we

can get out of here make sure you don't

lose your card cuz you gotta spin the

car to get out wait a minute

departures yeah we're going to

departures you said lets me out yep

we're out of here and here we go we went

through the Partridge terminal woods and

looks like walk on the left side over



when you say a quick thank you thank you

to that Filipino gentleman that saved me

from that fine because I was in the long

damn cabin with the ladies but I was

looking around I was like beautiful in

here women everywhere it never occurred

to me that was the only dude in that

section one complaint headed down

another escalator here okay so that

looks like the emergency exit so we

gotta take a lift bottom of the

escalator take a left into departures

and here we are

looks like repeating beverage options

you guys Starbucks or acoustic okay

let's go check this out

downstairs there's a Costa Coffee and

there's a Starbucks coffee but if you

just come up the stairs there's a little

food court up here and they got a


subway Subway sandwich shop

Bombay each aisle Patty and they got one

more little chicken shack so if you want

coffee that's downstairs but upstairs

it's a less crowded unless you know it's

kind of quiet up here and you got a few

food options I have yet to find a bar

now I remember

terminal 3 they got some bars over there

but this is terminal 1 and right now I

don't see a bar so we're gonna put a bar

here in a few minutes see if they serve

some alcohol all right check it out it's

almost time for me to go check in so

thanks for watching hope this helped to

get from Abu Dhabi to Dubai it was an

easy process

it's cheap buses clean trains clean if

you're going from Abu Dhabi to Dubai her

or I they recommend take the bus take

the train easy trip and it's cheap so

again thanks for watching