How To travel in UAE | Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Bus (using the NOL card)

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it's also very hot tonight probably 15

degrees hotter than it was yesterday

happy new year

sadly we are leaving Dubai and possibly

the best air B&B experience we've ever


again we're gonna link it below because

the family was amazing overhead is the

Abu Dhabi after a short time here in

Dubai so let's go to the bus station

yes how much to Abu Dhabi from here to

ours okay all right mate it's a bus

station quick cheap taxi definitely the

way to do it now the thing is to find

bus tickets this looks fun so standing

in line and the men's line is super long

but there's a ladies only line and it

too much shorter so I'm gonna have Sam

go in there madness I mean the men's

line was Eve the movie

and they were taking ladies first so

while stands in line let me explain to

you how we're doing this is the cheapest

and actually the easiest way that I read

to do this so family I could pronounce

the name of the bus station so I'll put

it right here but you take the bus

100 you can actually use the MetroCard

on the bus to Abu Dhabi but that's the

cheapest and the easiest way you could

take a taxi or an uber but that's crazy

expensive and it's only two hours

so we thought the ladies only line was

going to be faster but it wasn't faster

at all

that's wild so a guy on the bus very few

spots left everyone just kind of

runs their band in the bus and hopefully

you have a spot scan Oh Artie Hart get

on the bus if you have a spouse you get

to sit next to them worked out and we're

in the front I was trying to explain out

there that there's a low baseline and a

man fine and neither of them are fast so

the trick is you actually should at a

metro station top up your card it's 25

Durham each way make sure you do that

because you don't want to wait in that

line and you don't need to you it's not

a different ticket it's just topping up

your card tip is that you absolutely

need those no guards but they were they

would not service you at the bus station

if you don't have an old card so just

make sure you have one before you get

not bad for public transportation here

better okay



officially in Abu Dhabi the bus ride was

about two hours 20 minutes we also heard

that going over the speed limit is a

huge line and the speed limits are not

very high but we're not Madhavi now we

need to find them how to get to the

hotel it was he cutting in front of


teller was he cutting it was he's

skipping everyone is that why yeah

there's really no buses or any public

transit so just hopping in and taxi

Ramada Inn so far is really good but

they didn't know what they were doing

with our room that they focus in was

already full is that right and then they

couldn't find a nonsmoker

oops I also had to pay for T Durham

Birds City and tourism tax so this hotel

was the cheapest option I could find in

Abu Dhabi

there was no air B&B the ones I did find

were like way on the other side of the

city but it was $65 a night which is way

over our budget so we're looking for

some five Durham shwarma it's got a gym

it's got a rooftop pool we get free

water and free coffee hey it's a little

things you know what I mean there's some

public transportation there are some

buses that I read but they're not they

don't really like go to a lot of places

so it looks like taxis might be the way

to do things and they're not really

expensive but that stuff just adds up so

we're gonna be doing a lot of walking

once again and we're excited to see Abu

Dhabi it's 5:15 and I'm so hungry

we're gonna go get food we haven't eaten

all day and we really didn't eat very

much yesterday so we're gonna go get

food I think I found a shawarma place

and KFC fries I really wants more of

those KFC fries I literally never

thought I would crave KFC ever

the fries are there they're called spicy

fries and I think they have cumin and

paprika and salt all mixed together on

top of the fries and it is so good

like I hate how much I love it

I don't know how food escaped us today I

mean I know he had locked it on this

morning and then the bus ride but so now

it's 5:00 p.m. and we have not eaten all

that and she's pretty angry don't poke

the bear

what had their seat you're angry he's



so we had a few places in mind to eat

and left we had a backup because the

first one was definitely closed you know

Google which Google's letting us down

here in UAE but it was closed door

number two we'll see how it goes


I'm very hungry so Nick wants me to say

this very fast but we've got three types

of raps which in Lebanese food is saj I

think is how you pronounce it but we've

got chicken cooked ax which is lamb and

falafel we forgot what we ordered

because we're so hungry it's currently

5:50 and we haven't eaten today we're

gonna dig in and feast but I know this

oh and we got hummus Nick wants me he

pointed out the hummus he wanted me to

make sure that I tell you who got hummus

cuz it looks really good I know this is

probably not the most eventful video

that we've ever done but we wanted to

make sure that we documented exactly how

to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

it was way cheaper than any option that

we found online so uneventful but we're

hungry we're a little tired and we have

a lot of work to do tonight that was


hummus was the star I love hummus I

for the rest of my life perfect perfect

perfect perfect

so Nick and I have been on a very tight

budget here in UAE we're still doing it

as cheaply as possible but one thing

that you should know about UAE is that

it is not a place if you're on a tight

budget it is just it is just very

expensive so even though that meal was

not that much considering how much food

we got it's still 17 dollars or 15

dollars or whatever it was and all of

those things just add up so quickly so

just keep that in mind when you come to

UAE we are going to end it here for

tonight because we have a lot to do and

I know it was not a super eventful day

but we hope it helps if you ever want to

go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi I think

because it was New Year's Day they're

more frequent but I read that there

about every 20 minutes during the week

and on the weekends or about every 40

minutes so most ill overweight is 40

minutes that's not terrible but we're

gonna close out tonight and we will see

you tomorrow in Abu Dhabi on our first

full day here good night


all these doing


I know we have an ocean view ish I mean

I think it's the ocean not to see that's

a lie

one is cooked uh which is lamb then and

then what and then falafel and how to

avoid all this oh my hair how to avoid

all this