Aamby Valley City Visit, Experience, Lonavala, Trip, Resorts

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am on my way to lonavala

to ami valley city as you all know now


look at the greenery isn't it beautiful

after the monsoon the

atmosphere the environment has really

turned really beautiful and this is the

lonavala dam

it's very famous this leads this road

leads to

bushy dam it's very famous it has

beautiful waterfalls

as well as a dam so we are heading


ambivale city and we'll be reaching

there any moment

and this is the bridge

so we have reached ambivalent city and

our car is getting sanitized this is a

protocol over there they take a lot of

care about ours sanitization

so we are heading towards ambi valley


and this petrol car is leading us

towards our

medical check-up as well as a form fill


for medical and they will lead us

to the reception


each place so this that was the main


and look at the city it has really good



and here we are coming towards a

very beautiful monument it is a huge

gigantic statue

of mother india just take a look

this is the reception area we have to

check in over here and

these people are waiting over here

to receive us and now we're still

driving driving driving towards

our aussie chalet so we have booked

aussie challenge here we come

we have reached so i am walking towards

my villa


beautiful greenery over here i love this


here i reach my challenge

so room number 207 is mine

and i have took this room for myself

24 hours this is my home now

follow me let's go in

so there is a place upstairs too

where i had a good time walking around

and but this is the room where i stay

so let's enter oh wow look at this


wooden house which is

a real beauty so look at the bed it was

very soft and fluffy and come come let's

go to the balcony it is

really huge veranda we had and

lots of birds coming up over here

very beautiful i loved it

everything is wooden and the breeze was

awesome over here

it was really cool and this woodwork i

really love such

cabin i really love these kind of

infrastructure the rug the

lamps the pics hanging over there the

photographs the paintings

and we had some good neighbors too

and they were really having a good time

with a small puppy

they were roaming around and having a

good time and my lunch came

and i was having some biryani because i

already had something on my way

so i was not that hungry so i had

ordered some mutton biryani for myself

and i was having it and believe me it

was really tasty

but the food is a little bit costly over


so but it's okay once in a while if you

have something like this but it was

really tasty

so i had it with some salad

and yum yum it was awesome with all the

greenery around

and the cool breeze sitting and on the


and having it but be aware of the


i will show you what the monkeys did but

in our next video

okay so look at this

try having chilies like this look at


these monkeys had interrupted my

lunch and they too shared a part of my


but i don't mind

hey monkey

hey monkey so i visited the

swimming pool area it was closed for

swimmers but it was open

for us to walk around so i just took a

nap over there and it was fun

look at the trees behind and this is a

clock tower and this is how this

aussie chalet looks from outside doesn't

it look

beautiful so everywhere it's green and

beautiful now i'm going on a ride around

amy valley city by my car

so this is the golf golf course area

so we had played some golf i did not

make any clips of that

but this was a beautiful place look at

the grass it was so green

and awesome and it was

really cloudy and the weather was really


and i felt like this break was really


for me after six long months look at the

sky wow


so the grass is looking really good so

these people have many activities as

at ambivalency which you can really

enjoy so there is a golf course there

are other activities

and there is horse riding as well as

there are some beach activities in

uh like you know boating and also this

is the my name on

instagram is the legend of the cam so

that is what i'm showing and this is

my mosa plant or touch me not plant and

look at the fog behind

wow so again i am off

to drive around and explore the place so


got to see some beautiful villas look at

this so this is also a residential area

where people stay and they have made


beautiful villas for themselves yes it

is really costly

but this place looks really amazing look

at this

the infrastructure is amazing they have

kept the wild

wilderness as it is and everything looks

green beautiful

and nature is not disturbed over here so

that's what i like


they have made really awesome bungalows

and here i found a 4-2 i don't know

which foot it is

if you all know mention it in the


so it was a cool day

breezy and beautiful the sky was clear

it was not

raining lucky me and

now see now i am still driving and i

reached a lake over here where all the

sports water sports activities take


so this is a bridge where they

light up at night and it looks really


it's inside ambi valley itself yeah and

so this is the lake where the water

sports activity or beach activities take


of course you have to pay for it but

it's really awesome look a boat is

jetting away from there


and i am so happy

the flowers over here these are the wild

flowers are really amazing

i love these yellow colored flowers hey

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