Four tricks to help you achieve your running goals!!

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all right 48 hours removed from that

hundred meter sprint race if you didn't

get a chance to see it I'll link it

right here but I'm a little sore like I

said I hadn't used those muscles in a

while but otherwise I'm okay

nope torn muscles no freak accidents I

survived and I live to fight another day

but speaking about fighting another day

I can't stop thinking about the next

time I'm gonna get a chance to race 100

there's a bunch of all comers meets in

Eugene this year I may actually go down

to LA or Texas or Florida and try to

find a hundred that's how excited I am

to race but I need to start getting into

shape and more importantly I need to set

a goal and today I want to talk about

how I set my goals and the things that

people do to achieve their goals you

know in the last video I mentioned that

I've accomplished some some things in my

life like I'm an Eagle Scout and I won

several state title several NCAA titles

graduated college you know and I've

started several businesses and made a

couple Olympic teams

I didn't just stumble into these things

I studied how successful people set

goals and more importantly how they

achieve their goals here are four things

that successful people do when they set

a goal to help make sure that they

actually achieve it number one they set

concrete goals saying hey Nick I want to

be a faster runner that's a wish that is

not a goal if I just said my goal is to

be a faster 100-meter runner that is

just a desire it's just a wish a goal is

I want to break 11 seconds in the

hundred it's a pretty big goal but it's

a concrete goal with a very fixed metric

I either do it or I don't do it so

that's my goal I'm gonna try to break 11

seconds in the hundred that just takes

care of step number two which is tell

someone about your goal this creates

accountability I'm looking at you guys

I'm telling you my goal for 2019 is to

break 11 seconds in a hundred you heard

it now keep me accountable so if I'm out

doing something that's gonna detract

from that goal keep me accountable let

me know all my

and family now no this is my goal this

is what I'm training for number three

use KP ice that's key performance

indicator these are tiny little goals

along the way short intermediate goals

they're gonna help you achieve your

long-term goal here's a good example my

long-term goal is to break 11 seconds in

the hundred a short-term goal a very

easy goal might be find the right spikes

as you guys saw in that last video I was

racing in middle distance spikes a very

easy attainable goal for me is just to

find a good pair of sprint spikes so

maybe another video will actually be me

focused on that that little short-term

goal an intermediate goal might be break

12 seconds in the hundred see how my

goals work towards each other

buying the Sprint spikes helps me break

12 seconds which is on the path to

breaking 11 this is how you set up a

path to achieve your big audacious goal

and number four is write the darn thing

down if you guys subscribe to my letter

club all my letter Club subscribers just

learned that writing your goal down

makes you 42% more likely to achieve the

goal literally all you have to do is

write it on a sticky note it makes you

42% more likely to achieve your goal so

those are four things you can do to

achieve your goal I just did one two and

three so I guess the only thing left to

do is to write my goal down on paper now

this is how I do it there it is but I

actually go one step farther follow me

so this is my room and this is where I

keep my goals I put them by my bed so

it's the first thing I see in the

morning and the last thing I see before

I go to bed that way it's constantly in

my mind let me show you the goals that

I'm working on for 2019 real quick check

out the view

you gotta love Eugene so here my goals

for 2019 first things first

earn my ppl that's private pilot's

license and actually if you look right

here I've got some pretty big reading

for the year so that's another goal I'm

working on I really want to get my

private pilot's license this year and

I'll have a few videos about that coming

up soon

my other goal I want to get ten thousand

subscribers on YouTube and actually this

is one you guys could probably help me

out with I'm pretty darn close last I

checked I was at like ninety three

hundred or ninety four hundred if you're

watching and you're not a subscriber do

me a favor help me achieve this goal and

I'll show you what I do when I do

finally achieve these goals and last but

not least break eleven in the hundred

meters this is arguably my toughest goal

I mean obviously getting your pilot's

license isn't easy either but this one

is going to take probably all year for

me to be able to do right now I'm a 12:3

Runner I aspire to be a 10-9 Runner it's

gonna take a ton of work but here it is

on the bedframe

now 42 percent more likely to happen I'm

so excited about this goal I'm gonna do

everything I can to achieve it but I'm

excited to share it with you guys -

every Wednesday you know I have a

workout Wednesday this Wednesday I'm

going to show you my pro warmup you're

not gonna want to miss it this is the

warmup I did before every single workout

and race as a professional so if you

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below so thank you guys for watching

again the workout Wednesday is my pro

warmup hope you guys are enjoying this

series see you soon