10 Ways to get to a man's heart

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as they say men are simpler than the

mechanism of a pacifier and they are not

wrong the secret formula to reach the

heart of a man is a combination of

affection laughter and lots of sex if

you have just met someone you just have

to follow these 10 tips and you will get

into their thoughts 1 first be feminine

be sensual neither too fixed nor too

careless men do not like artificiality

but natural sensuality get the attention

of those around you and your boy will

not lose sight of you in addition this

way you will reaffirm the security in

yourself an unequivocal key to get his

attention to keep the flame of passion

alive sex is relatively more important

for men than for women in fact it is

what is mainly based on something that

men do not understand is that women lose

their libido with the passage of time it

is important that you show interest in

maintaining intimate relationships while

praising his skills as a lover as men

take pride and are happy to give

pleasure 3 fame precedes women they

think that every woman wants him to take

her to the altar if you want to interest

him more tell him from the beginning

that you have difficulties to commit

yourself that you are a free wolf and

you are not looking for anything serious

4 give him freedom do not beat him up to

go out with his friends and meet some

friend he will appreciate that you

encourage him and get excited about his

plans in which you do not participate at

the same time if you show yourself as

independent and self-sufficient you will

attract him more remember that nobody

likes people who are in need of

affection or attention or the ones you

take for granted 5 get excited about his

favorite sport if there is a football

game buy beer and snacks and tell him to

invite his friends home he will be

delighted that one day you will surprise

him with tickets to see his favorite

team or you do not give him a kick so he

can enjoy the game with his friends 6

the path to the heart passes through the

stomach whether it's for comfort for

pleasing the palate or feeling spoiled

men love having their food prepared you

do not have to always do it but a

pleasant surprise after work will serve

as a good incentive to a hard day 7 make

him laugh men are fascinated by cheerful

and fun women do not lose your good mood

so he

does not feel cheated as time passes

relativized the problems and do not fall

into drama 8 avoid victimization in

conjunction with the previous point

avoid victimization arguing for trivial

things and breaking into tears

these are repeated attitudes in women

that upset men let them rest when you

find them stressed and silent and do not

stun them by talking non-stop 9 break

the routine of daily life repeated

activities for anyone look for

alternative and fun options that may

interest you both and create an

unforgettable experience 10 flee from

reproach be understanding and do not

blame him for making a mistake

relativize your mistakes or just do not

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