How To Increase Engagement And Gain Followers On Twitter

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hey guys so with this episode what I

want to talk to you about is Twitter

this will probably end up being like a

two or three part thing but I'm gonna

start with some really basic stuff so

bear with me if you're you know a little

bit more in the know when it comes to

Twitter because I'll get to the more

technical in depth stuff in a minute I

wanted to start out with a thing that a

lot of people used to do wrong and and

thankfully people have caught on now

it's just when you use the app when

you're adding somebody's safe app

Rihanna or whatever and you start off

your sentence your tweet with at Rihanna

you got to put that little period just a

period in front of the ad otherwise if

you don't do that and you just at

Rihanna you're literally doing that

you're talking directly to Rihanna's the

world won't see your tweet it'll just be

directly to Rihanna it's not a direct

message but you're sending in just her

it's intended for her eyes only

so put that period in front of the ad

and that way it becomes a public tweet

it's something for everyone to see

alright moving on past that another

thing is verification if you can try to

get verified because unlike Instagram or

Facebook there's really a lot of

benefits on Twitter once you're verified

now if you're in some type of media job

you could usually submit for that or you

know sometimes it happens organically if

you get enough followers and Twitter

catches on but you want to get verified

because it increases your chances of

being seen by famous people so if you're

talking to Mark Cuban or whoever you

want to see a tweet potentially you know

they could click on the tab verified and

it just it weeds out like the people who

aren't verified with the people who are

so it definitely increases your chances

of being seen and then hopefully them

retweeting that tweet or following you

back or getting back to you that way you

could start some direct messages with

them so it really helps out when you're

just increasing the visibility of your

tweets another thing I want to talk

about and this is a tool and a trick

that I use all the time and it comes in

really handy when you're trying to

grow your audience on Twitter its

tagging accounts and you can only tag

accounts when you use a photo so the

picture is more beneficial than a gif or

not putting anything in there because

you can tag and what I'm talking about

when I say tag is you put in a photo say

I'm talking about Snoop Dogg and I want

to use a photo of Snoop Dogg I click on

the little photo icon and I put in the

picture that I want and then it asks you

who's in this picture and you can not

only tag Snoop Dogg but you could tag

any fan accounts that Snoop Dogg has

it's just directly telling these people

that hey I'm talking about you or this

is content that you might like so it

increases your chances of them

retweeting that and anytime you could

tap into these fan bases whether it's

somebody like Kelly Clarkson or you know

people that are fans of Steven Spielberg

or Star Wars or whatever it may be you

tagged these fan accounts and you also

tag the the verified accounts for Star

Wars or whoever it may be it's really

letting these people know that hey I'm

talking about some content that you

might like so it's a good way to at

least get a few retweets and then the

good thing is with these fan based

accounts you know their followers will

see and you really get a lot of good

traction that way and then they might

end up following you and of course when

you tag a verified account whether it's

Snoop Dogg Martha Stewart Steven

Spielberg whoever it may be you know

you're increasing your chances of them

seeing it as well the other thing about

tagging say you're talking about one of

these famous people I'll use Beyonce as

an example if you're tagging Beyonce

then would you add her in the tweet as

well no you wouldn't because you already

tagged her in it so what might be a

little bit more beneficial to you is

using a hashtag doing hashtag Beyonce in

the tweet because then you're kind of

killing two birds with one stone you're

adding Beyonce in the tag so she'll be

aware of it if she somehow happens to

see that Beyonce it's not necessarily

person that retweets a lot but you

you're adding her so she'll see that and

then you're using the hashtag so people

who are fans would Beyonce when they

search the hashtag Beyonce York we don't

come up so that's kind of when to use a

NAT and when to use a hashtag there's

different reasons to use them so even if

you take out the tagging portion and

you're just using a gif for just sending

out a tweet without an image or a video

or anything like that you know ideally

you want to use both the hashtag and the

app because you want the artist or the

famous person or the business whoever it

may be to know that you're tweeting

about them and then you also want to use

the hashtag because again it goes to

increasing visibility the more people

who are interested in whole foods or

Beyonce or whatever you're tweeting

about the easier it is for them to find

the content that you're pushing out the

the more retweets you'll get and the

more traction you'll get off that tweet

so even if I'm adding Beyonce I want to

also use the Beyonce hash tag somewhere

in the tweet if I can something else I

do if I know after using Twitter a while

you kind of know you know I'm

specifically involved in music I know

what musicians tend to retweet a lot and

what musicians don't so if there's a

musician like to somebody that doesn't

retweet about Beyonce really I keep

using Beyonce but she doesn't retweet a

lot so for me really I'm more concerned

in tapping into her fan base because I

know she won't retweet so I don't really

if I'm just using a tweet without

tagging ability so there's no picture

just a gif or just a text tweet I'll use

the hashtag hashtag Beyonce and not a

Beyonce because adding Beyonce is kind

of too lost cause she's not gonna

retweet it even if she does end up

seeing it she's not gonna retweet it so

you really are just going after her fan

base that's how you want to get the

traction there get that tweet retweeted

and seen by people there's other artists

and people that you know retweet a lot

like I know Lipton retweets a lot Dunkin

Donuts at times retweets a lot so then

knowing that you want you

that at so hopefully you could get the

retweet from them you use the hashtag as

well that might be an added bonus like

period at Dunkin Donuts thank you so

much for sending me these gift cards

it's been a really wonderful treat you

know America runs on hashtag Dunkin

Donuts so there you're using both kind

of let's move on and talk about kind of

managing your numbers on Twitter you

want to download some kind of app

there's a lot of free ones and it lets

you know who you are following who's

following you back who isn't following

you who's unfollowed you and this tool

is so important it just lets you manage

your account and you know when you're

first building up these numbers I

wouldn't get too worried about like how

many people I'm following in comparison

to how many followers you have because

it's like that saying you know you have

to spend money to get money and it's the

same with following people you have to

follow people to get followers so

initially if you're neck-and-neck with

who you're following in your followers I

wouldn't worry about that because over

time based on the content you're putting

out and whether you're manipulating the

system and using Twitter the right way

eventually you'll have more followers

than people you are following if you

want to use one of these apps where it's

like you know follow unfollow it shows

you kind of just just the numbers and

who's following you and who's unfollowed

you because that way if you're following

somebody and they've unfollowed you you

can be aware of that and unfollow them

and it just it's a numbers game it ends

up being a good tool so you could manage

that over time you could also see who's

not that active on there and then make

the decision whether or not you want to

unfollow them or whatever but I mean I

use that tool all the time now it's a

little tougher because I do have so many

followers on there a lot of these apps

don't once you get to a certain number

they can't hold that much data or

whatever so you can't use it retweeting

your own tweets I know this sounds odd

but it's actually a really cool trick

and helps you because once you've set up

sent out a tweet say a couple days ago I

sent out a tweet and it did pretty well

I got 100 Reese weeks or whatever the

thing with Twitter because it's con

stantly moving you know if people aren't

looking at it really at that moment they

can miss your tweet so by retweeting

your tweet it's pretty much the same

thing as just sending out the same tweet

again but you're retweeting your tweet

so then you already have all those

tweets in there all those retweets

excuse me and then you're retweeting it

so people are seeing it again and then

you're adding on to those retweets that

you already had and then afterwards

obviously you could send out the same

tweet again in a week or whatever it may

be but retweeting your own tweets is

basically reintroducing that tweet to a

whole new audience or people that might

have missed it the first time around

that's pretty much all I want to jump

into for this episode like I said we'll

get into a part two of Twitter because

there's even more stuff we can talk

about but I feel like that's a good

starting point for people who are trying

to build up that audience if you do all

that stuff also real quick before we

wrap up you know if you use things like

tweet deck or HootSuite or social news

desk stuff like that where you could

schedule tweets ahead that's really

great too because like you know when the

holidays are coming up is you don't want

to be on Twitter non-stop you could

schedule these things and that way you

don't go dark you create that the smoke

and mirrors and the facade that you're

always on Twitter and people have such

short attention spans you don't want

them to unfollow you because they think

you're inactive so you know creating

that idea that you're always on Twitter

you want to do that you want to have a

presence on there at all times but we'll

talk more about this stuff in the the

second episode so thanks so much for

checking this out