Self G-Spot Massage to Unlock Internal Orgasms

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hey welcome let's talk about how to


your own g-spot so this is a really big


of like how to find a woman's g-spot or

how to locate and simulate a woman's


but what will make you an expert of your

own sexual anatomy your own pleasure and

your own body

is if you actually understand your own

g-spot pleasure and orgasm

if you can find it first of all that's

just amazing for your own

self-pleasure for your own orgasmic


and to mix up where you touch yourself

inside of self-pleasuring

makes you a more dynamic lover because

when you use

different parts of your body

geographically you're actually

stimulating different parts of your

pleasure anatomy

different nerves get stimulated

different parts of your brain get


when you have a g-spot orgasm than when

you have for instance an external

clitoral orgasm

so locating and playing with your g-spot

is amazing just to do it

for the sake of your own pleasure it

also helps self-pleasuring

feel more exciting more exploratory and

even deeper

because when you have an orgasmic

experience that originates from

deep inside your vaginal canal or just

inside of your vaginal canal

at all that creates more full-bodied

pleasure because

the expanding energy from the wave of

pleasure or the wave of orgasmic


actually moves up and inside of your

body whereas if you only ever touch

yourself externally on your clitoris

the energy can tend to move down and out

which makes it harder to have

full-bodied orgasmic pleasure and if you

have a lover or

partner knowing your own g-spot where

it's located

how it feels how to stimulate it what

feels good to you

is one of the key ways to being able to

guide a lover to give you

incredible g-spot massages to be able to

stimulate you in the ways that really

work for

you and additionally to be able to have


pleasure from intercourse with a penis

dildo or fingers

alright so let's get ready so some


tips first of all i think one of the

most important keys

is to notice if you have any resistance

to putting your fingers inside of

yourself during self-pleasure

so a lot of women and people with

vaginas do actually feel

a little bit of squirminess around

touching themselves internally

one of the best ways to know your own

internal pleasure road map

is to touch yourself so i also recommend

purchasing a g-spot toy because this can


exquisitely pleasurable it can be a lot

of fun to

mix it up inside of your own

self-pleasure routine

but there's no substitute for feeling so

comfortable with your own body

so you can clip your nails wash your


feel ready hygienically but get ready to

explore internally because this will

change how you understand your own


pleasure geography additionally before

you stimulate your g-spot you

always want to be turned on in some

other way

so you want to start by giving yourself

a breast massage you want to start by


your clitoris your vulva really make

sure that you're turned on

because your g-spot is the female

prostate which is

actually erectile tissue that means that

it's only going to feel good if you're

already good and turned on if you try

and find your g-spot when you're not

that turned on

it's not going to feel good it's going

to feel kind of medical or awkward or

even painful

so make sure that you are really warmed

up in your own pleasure practice

before you start to explore the g-spot


two is to actually check in with your

[ __ ]

does your [ __ ] desire penetration

from your fingers or from a toy this is


important because our culture has taught

us like

just shove it in there just you know i'm

feeling like it if my fingers want to go

in there if i want a toy in there then

it doesn't matter what my [ __ ] thinks

this has damaged so many [ __ ] so many

pelvic floors it creates

chronic tension and fear inside of your

pelvic floor in your [ __ ]

that results in pain during sex numbness

or just a lack of genuine excitement

think of your [ __ ] and your pelvic

floor as

a living thing because it is and respect

and honor it so you never want to

violate your own sexual boundaries

so what you want to do is actually place

one or two fingers

right at the entrance to your vagina

when you're feeling ready and really

feel is my [ __ ] desiring this is this

a yes or you can place the g-spot toy

right up to the entrance of your vagina

ask yourself the same thing if it's a no

honor your [ __ ] honor your pelvic floor

do not ever be non-consensual with your

own body

so this is where consent starts

understanding the value of your own body

listening to your own yes no or maybe


understanding how important it is to

respect them step three if you're

feeling a yes you can gently insert your

fingers or the toy

inside your vagina and you can do it


slowly so really experiment with slowing

things down

because you will sensitize your body and

train yourself to feel more

it might feel extra good if you use one

hand to touch your external clitoris

and use the other hand to either slide

the toy in or gently slide in one or two

fingers what can be really delicious is

to actually

rotate your fingers or penetrate very


in and out and really find what feels

good to you

almost tease your body and build up a

sense of excitement with this

internal pleasure stimulation step four

you can actually curl your fingers a

little bit

or if you have a g-spot toy it will

already be curled in that way

and you can do gentle rotation see if

this feels good to you

clockwise or counterclockwise and really

focus on

inhaling and exhaling and relaxing your

pelvic floor

this will allow your vagina to expand

and create

more spaciousness and even more room for

pleasure so orgasmic sensations

get caused partially by a fluttering

of the pelvic floor so if your pelvic

floor is open

and relaxed you're actually making space


deeper more powerful contractions start

to locate your g-spot now if you're

already familiar with it

then you can go right there if you've

never located

it before you're going to feel with your


or with the toy on the side of your

vaginal canal

that's closest to your belly button not

your butt

and you're feeling inside it can be in

my experience a half

inch to three inches inside of the body

so this is what confuses some women is

that they think their g-spot is very

deep inside of their vagina and so

they're only feeling

for it way deeper than it actually is i

found a lot of people are surprised by

how close their g-spot is to the

entrance of their vagina

so make sure to really search out this

whole area

and feel for it now most of the time

you're going to feel what feels like

a bumpy ridge protruding through the

vaginal wall

it can feel like the roof of your mouth

with those little like

bumpy ridges some people say it feels a

little bit like a walnut sticking out of

the wall of the vagina

but here's the thing women have

different sized prostates

so some prostates are going to be very

big creating a very

noticeable very bumpy g-spot other

prostates are much smaller or even

so small that they don't protrude

outside the wall of the vagina

so every woman has a female prostate but

the size of it and how big

of a g-spot it creates really varies and

this is why there's a lot of confusion

about like

is there a g-spot where is it located

how do you find it it's because the

prostate varies in size and location

that means you're both feeling for what

is potentially either a very large

noticeable g-spot

or something that doesn't protrude at

all and you're also feeling for

something that is at various

lengths inside of the vagina so

keep searching and feeling and know that

if you don't find something that feels

super noticeable like it's protruding

it's very obvious that that is a

different texture

and a different shape than other parts

of your vaginal wall

that you might be looking for something

based on sensitivity

so you might actually need to press into

your vaginal wall

and feel for when something feels more


because when you actually start tapping

the prostate you'll feel it's

more intense either in an uncomfortable

way like you have to pee

or like it's just a stronger sensation

or a very pleasurable way

step five once you actually locate the


you're going to experiment with a couple

of different strokes to see which feels

best to you

so you can do a come here kind of motion

as though you're stroking with your

fingers or the toy

inviting the g-spot out to play you can

do a

circular motion around the g-spot you

can try

tapping over and around the g-spot and

you can try

various depths and various pressures so

some g-spots actually get irritated with

pressure that's too

soft some g-spots love that some g-spots

won't feel that much unless it's very

deep intensive pressure

and what you want to experiment with is

many different ways of touching yourself

always tuning into what your body likes

but understand that sometimes

you have to move through a sensation of

having to pee

or kind of strange sensations that don't

feel that amazing at first

but do turn into pleasure so the point


is listen to your body don't do anything

that's a full no to your body

but be willing to explore and be willing

to try

different ranges of sensations for

longer periods of time

sometimes the big secret to finding your

g-spot pleasure is actually

staying with it for even 10 to 20


and the kind of pleasure will unlock

from your g-spot now once you find the

actual pleasure of the stroke i invite

you to stay with it

and the big key here isn't to be like

must have g-spot orgasm must have g-spot


but to actually stay moment to moment

with the pleasure

touch yourself and notice how you're


instead of moving into a future

orientation of what you want to get

when you stay present with your g-spot

in that way you can find some of the

greatest g-spot pleasure available to


step six if you love ejaculating or if

you want to

explore ejaculating yourself you can


harder and deeper and more rapidly

and you'll start to feel almost like a

bearing down pressure

like something that wants to release i

would recommend if you're exploring that

kind of thing

to actually put a towel underneath you

or a specialty mat

or it can be a yoga mat with a towel

over it which is super waterproof

so that you don't have to worry about

whether you're gonna pee or not this is

really important because some estimates

from research

say that up to 30 of women are

restricting their orgasmic nature

because they think they have to pee but

actually they'd be having a g-spot


so one of the best ways to work and

explore this is actually on your own

because who cares if you wet the bed on

your own right and you could say who

cares if you wet the bed with your lover

and that's

real shameless sexuality but we know

that it's gonna be easier

to get that kind of comfort on your own

and then to be able to explore with a


so i highly recommend especially if

during sexual experiences you felt like

you have to pee

or you're worried that you're gonna pee

or you feel a sensation that you have to


really let yourself go in this g-spot


lift your knees up put your feet down on

the bed

stroke like your life depended on it and

really really go for it and see what

happens because

almost like i'd say like 99 of the time

the women that i

work with actually do this and realize

that it was a massive

explosive ejaculatory orgasm they were

holding back

not actually having to pee and so that's

one of the biggest ways

to unlock your g-spot pleasure okay i

hope you have

enjoyed this experience i've got links

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